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Guatemalan FTA with US said risky
“The Free Trade Agreement imposed by the United States on Central America and Dominican Republic will have negative consequences for our countries,” said Guatemalan jurist Alfonso Bauer Paiz.
Guatemala to strengthen Mercosur ties
Guatemala’s government - annoyed by the delay in CAFTA’s implementation and the U.S. House of Representative’s approval of a wall to keep out illegal immigrants - announced Tuesday it would seek to strengthen its relations with the Mercosur trading bloc.
Legislature ratifies Taiwan-Guatemala free trade agreement
The Legislative Yuan on Tuesday ratified the Taiwan-Guatemala free trade agreement (FTA), which will now take effect Jan. 1, 2006 as scheduled.
Legislature ratifies Guatemalan FTA
The Legislative Yuan yesterday ratified the ROC-Guatemala free trade agreement (FTA), which will take effect this Jan. 1 as scheduled.
Guatemala FTA passes first reading
A Taiwan-Guatemala free-trade agreement (FTA) passed the first reading in the Legislative Yuan yesterday and is expected to become effective on Jan. 1.
Guatemala FTA mostly politics: economists
Like Taiwan’s first free trade agreement (FTA) with Panama its second free trade pact, with Guatemala, will have more significance politically than economically, economists said yesterday.
Taiwan signs FTA with Guatemala, eyeing more exports to US market
aiwan President Chen Shui-bian signed a free trade agreement with his Guatemalan counterpart Oscar Berger in Guatemala City on Thursday in a bid to use the Central American country as a gateway for more exports to the North American market.
Taiwan, Guatemala expected to ink free trade accord before Oct
Visiting Guatemalan President Oscar Berger said Tuesday that he expects a Taiwan-Guatemala free trade accord (FTA) to be signed in September or October.
President Hopes to sign FTA with Guatemala in August
President Chen Shui-bian said Monday that Guatemalan President Ocar Berger Perdomo has agreed to visit Taiwan in August and that he hopes to sign a Taiwan-Guatemala free trade agreement (FTA) with him by that time.
Guatemala to strengthen ties with India
Guatemala has expressed keen desire to expand economic ties with India, and has said that the Government was working towards easing visa procedures to facilitate the visits of Indian businessmen and tourists.
Central America lags on labor rights for trade deal
Sitting in a dark room beneath photographs of union leaders slain in the 1980s, workers at a Guatemalan factory say they have been punched, threatened and followed by cars with darkened windows since forming a union in 2003.
Global bully goes to Guatemala
The global bully, the United States, has just coerced Guatemala, its latest victim, into repealing an important law to lower the price of pharmaceuticals and promote generic competition. The U.S. ambassador to Guatemala acknowledged that the Guatemalan law was intended to advance public health objectives. But, no matter, he said — U.S. commercial interests in the form of Big Pharma demanded that the law go.
Two die in Guatemala free trade protests
Two people were killed and many injured as violence broke out during protests in Guatemala on Tuesday 15 March when President Oscar Berge ratified the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA).
Guatemalan groups vow to continue protests against FTA
Guatemalan grassroots organizations said on Tuesday that they will not give up protests against the Central America-United States Free Trade Agreement (FTA), ratified last week by the parliament.
Guatemala ratifies free trade pact with United States
Shrugging off rowdy protests in the streets, Guatemala’s Congress voted overwhelmingly on Thursday to ratify a Central American free trade agreement with the United States.
Summary of events of 9 March against the DR-CAFTA in Guatemala
This morning, rural Guatemala spilled more farmers into the streets of the capital for the third day in a row, trying to block the Congress from ratifying the Free Trade Agreement with the United States. Last week 6,000 people protested in the same location for the same reason. More protests are expected.
Guatemala set to quash FTA protests with troops
Protesters blocked access to the legislature to prevent a vote on a trade pact with Washington, and lawmakers who ventured outside were chased for blocks.
Guatemala postpones ratification of FTA with US
The Guatemalan Congress on Wednesday postponed for at least one week the ratification of the country`s free trade agreement (FTA) with the United States, following massive protests Tuesday by thousands of demonstrators.
Thousands of Guatemalans protest against ratification of FTA with US
Thousands of public-school teachers, peasants, university students and workers rallied in Guatemala City Tuesday against the imminent approval of a free trade agreement (FTA) with the United States.
Trade agreement hits snag on Guatemala law
The USTR’s Office said Friday that Guatemala violated the terms of a pending Central American trade agreement with a new pharmaceutical data law the United States objects to.