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Indigenous chapter critical to NAFTA despite current challenges: Bellegarde
An Indigenous chapter in NAFTA mustn’t be allowed to fall by the wayside, regardless of the challenges currently confronting negotiators, says Assembly of First Nations National Chief Perry Bellegarde.
NAFTA chapter on Indigenous rights crucial, AFN national chief says
The push for an Indigenous chapter in a renegotiated NAFTA could require support from Indigenous Peoples south of the border as well as in Canada, says Assembly of First Nations National Chief Perry Bellegarde, a main advocate for its creation.
Harsh sentencing of Aymara leader reveals the politics of criminalization in Peru
This past month, eighteen Aymara community leaders endured the final stages of a trial that had them facing up to 28 years in prison and massive fines for their alleged roles in the 2011 ‘Aymarazo’ protests against the Santa Ana silver mine on the Peru-Bolivia border.
Protecting the rights of tribals
Even as bilateral investment treaties are strengthened, domestic legislation must be implemented.
Report of the Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples
The report provides an analysis of the impacts of international investment agreements on the rights of indigenous peoples.
Intensifying global crisis and conflict
On behalf of monopoly firms and local elites, imperialist states have been competing to rewrite international and national legal systems and regulations through trade and investment agreements
Trade agreements as vectors for the Nagoya Protocol’s implementation
A growing number of trade agreements include provisions related to access to genetic resources and the sharing of the benefits that arise out of their utilization.
Ecuador’s Indigenous leader fighting Chevron visits Dakota camp
“We don’t want what happened to us to happen to the people in Dakota,” Piaguaje told teleSUR.
Dozens of Indigenous absolved in Peru’s 2009 ’Baguazo’ massacre
Dozens of Indigenous people in Peru have been absolved of accusations that they were responsible for a massacre seven years ago that killed at least 32 people, due to intense conflict triggered by the country’s free trade agreements.
Waitangi Tribunal ruling on TPPA – “it was unlikely that the Tribunal in this claim would opt to talk truth to power”
The Waitangi Tribunal’s report on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) is a paradox. Time and again the Tribunal says it is ‘troubled’ and ‘concerned’ about aspects of the TPPA and its implications for Maori.
Waitangi Tribunal backs TPP treaty clause
The Waitangi Tribunal has backed the Treaty of Waitangi clause in the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal.
Maori leaders dismiss TPP at Northland hui
Northlanders delivered on being the most raucous opponents to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, during a Government jaunt to Whangarei to promote the deal.
Kelsey claims Government seeking to stymie Waitangi Tribunal report on TPPA
The Government has given the Waitangi Tribunal just three weeks to produce its report on a claim brought by prominent Maori that the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement violates the Crown’s obligations under the Treaty of Waitangi.
Waitangi Tribunal begins urgent TPP inquiry
Māori claimants are lining up to challenge the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in the Waitangi Tribunal.
Indigenous Peoples’ land and resource rights in Latin America
The impacts of free trade agreements.
The TPPA and Waitangi Day
Free trade cannot be at the expense of a government’s domestic obligations, for example, its obligation to fulfil Treaty rights of Maori.
Forget about joining TPP
Indigenous Maori people angry about the so-called "free trade" treaty asked Mr Key to refrain from bragging about the TPP at Waitangi Day ceremonies.
Voice of protest returns to Waitangi shores
The voice of protest made its way along the Bay of Islands to its traditional home on the shores of Waitangi, to Te Tii Marae. At the centre of the protest was the TPP agreement.
Ngapuhi considers Waitangi day protest if TPP signed
A Ngapuhi elder is threatening to block the Government from Te Tii Marae on Waitangi Day if the Trans Pacific Partnership is signed, saying the signing is a breach of the Treaty of Waitangi.
The TPPA is a death sentence for Indigenous Rights
Tangata whenua are strongly opposed to the signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. The TPPA is a death sentence for Indigenous Rights