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Jordan, Turkey to sign free trade deal before year end
Jordan and Turkey agreed on Saturday to sign a stalled Free Trade Agreement (FTA) before the end of the year.
Jordan, Iraq sign free-trade agreement
Jordanian Prime Minister Nader Dahabi made a whirlwind visit Thursday to Baghdad, signing a free-trade agreement that Jordan hoped would serve as a catalyst for boosting trade with neighbouring Iraq
US trade deals open markets – GAO
The US Government Accountability Office says bilateral free trade agreements signed by the United States work: they deliver new market opportunities for America’s agriculture sector.
Canada signs trade deal with Jordan
Canada on Sunday signed a deal with Jordan that lifts tariffs on the vast majority of its exports as part of a push for increased trade with the Middle East.
Jordan-Canada FTA ’in final stages’
"This is the fastest FTA we have ever negotiated," says Canada’s ambassador in Amman.
Jordanians shun industrial zones
Dust sticks to everything in the stark industrial streets of the northern Jordanian town of Duleil. Shop fronts covered in dun-coloured dirt reveal the tell-tale signs of a migrant labour economy: money transfer offices and gold jewellers.
Jordan, Pakistan to negotiate FTA in March
Jordan and Pakistan are expected to sign a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) this year, with negotiations to finalise the draft deal slated for March, Pakistan’s envoy to Jordan said on Wednesday.
Pakistan-Jordan agree to sign Free Trade Agreement
Pakistan and Jordan have agreed to sign Free Trade Agreement (FTA) to deepen their existing economic and trade relations
Garment factories hit by high production costs
Some garment factories in Jordan’s Qualifying Industrial Zones (QIZ) are relocating to other countries because of high production costs
India, Jordan signs BIPPA
A Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (BIPPA) between India and Jordan has come into force on Thursday.
Jordan, Argentina discuss FTA
His Majesty King Abdullah and Argentinean President Cristina Kirchner on Wednesday discussed prospects for a free trade agreement (FTA) between the two countries. They said that Jordan’s framework deal with MERCOSUR, a regional trade agreement between Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, paves way for the FTA with Argentina.
Jordan, Belgium to discuss trade ties
During this visit, the text of a bilateral investment treaty will be initialled by Maen Nsour, chief executive officer of Jordan Investment Board, and the Belgian ambassador in Jordan, Jo Indekeu.
Canada and Jordan reach free trade pact
The Canadian government said Tuesday it had wrapped up free trade negotiations with Jordan, along with parallel labor and environment agreements.
Jordan, Canada to sign joint free trade agreement
Jordan and Canada will initially sign a joint free trade agreement at the end of this month and will be officially approved by the end of this year, Jordanian General Secretariat for the Ministry of Industry and Commerce Muntaser Al-Aqla said on Tuesday.
Joint Jordanian-Israeli delegation to discuss trade relations in the USA
An official joint Jordanian-Israeli delegation met last week with representatives from the office of the United States Trade Representative, Department of State, Department of Commerce, as well as members of Congress and their staffs to promote the expansion and strengthening of the trilateral United States-Jordan-Israel trade relationship.
Mercosur signs trade deals with SACU, Turkey, Jordan
Leaders of the South American trade bloc Mercosur meeting at a summit in Argentina have signed trade agreements with the Southern African Customs Union, as well as with Turkey and Jordan.
Jordan, Canada hold first round of trade negotiations
First round of Jordanian-Canadian trade negotiations started on Sunday with the aim of signing a free trade agreement between the two countries.
Jordan wants agreement with the Mercosur
The Arab country sent to the secretariat of the Mercosur, at the end of last year, a request for a framework agreement with the South American bloc, which includes Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina. The Mercosur is gong to start talks for a treaty with another Arab country, Morocco, in April, during a meeting in Rabat.
Canada, Jordan start free trade talks
Canada and Jordan on Wednesday officially launched negotiations toward a free trade agreement (FTA) that could boost ag trade between the two countries.
Trade deal would be reward for Jordan’s moderate stance
Jordan’s Ambassador to Canada says free trade talks are a reward for his country’s moderation and peace efforts, but critics worry the government isn’t genuine in its trade relations.