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Jordan, Canada to talk FTA next week
Jordan and Canada will commence next week talks over a proposed Free Trade Agreement, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.
Jordan, Kazakhstan to consider opening free trade talks
Jordan and Kazakhstan will consider starting talks on a free trade agreement when the joint technical committee from both countries holds two days of meetings starting Thursday.
Canada, Jordan mull free trade agreement
Canada and Jordan are exploring the possibility of a free trade agreement and could begin negotiations next year, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Friday.
Report evaluates decade of EU-Jordanian cooperation
Ten years of mutual cooperation between Jordan and the European Union have passed with success in certain fields and disappointing results in others, according to an EU evaluation report released on Wednesday. The Kingdom’s benefit from EU programmes laid down in the Barcelona process were dismal in the trade sector, according to the report.
Labor Ministry expresses reservations on US National Labor Committee on Jordan FTA factories
The Labor Ministry on Monday expressed some reservations on the information contained in the US National Labor Committee report on workers at Jordan’s garment factories which are exporting duty-free under the U.S.-Jordan Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
Iraq, Jordan to sign free-trade agreement
Iraq and Jordan are in talks for a free-trade agreement to boost commercial ties between the countries.
The Jordan-Israel QIZs have been insignificant for peace
The impact of the Qualifying Industrial Zones — a concept proposed by the United States in 1996 to bolster cooperation between Jordan and Israel after the Jordan-Israel peace agreement was signed in 1995 — remains, after 10 years, difficult to determine. In spite of the tremendous growth of exports to the US market through these zones, QIZs continue to receive mixed reviews and their future is uncertain. Most importantly, the impact of the QIZs on the peace effort has been insignificant, to say the least.
Deliberations continuing with EU, Canada, Turkey on free trade, QIZs - Jordan
Several agreements are in the pipeline to accelerate Jordan’s free trade drive and maximise the advantages of Qualified Industrial Zones (QIZs), Industry and Trade Minister Salem Khazaaleh said on Saturday.
“Trade for Peace with Israel” falls short
The next time your Wal-Mart sweatpants read “Made in Jordan QIZ” on the label, consider the relationship between economic integration and peace. The truth might not be what you expect.
Israel, Jordan upgraded QIZ trade pact
The newly signed agreement intends to improve supervision on compliance with rules of origin under the qualified industrial zones (QIZ) treaty.
Free-trade bondage in Jordan
The Jordan-United States free-trade agreement was supposed to be a labor-rights model. It has been a disaster — ’globalization’ at its worst.
Group accuses Jordan of failing to enforce labor rights
Critics of US trade policy say the recent incidents in Jordan illustrate the dangers of forging trade agreements that don’t adequately protect workers from abuse.
US union, business group slam Jordan sweatshops
A leading US labour coalition and an industry group have filed a complaint with the US Trade Representative asking that it formally sanction the government of Jordan for "gross workers’ rights violations" under a controversial free trade agreement with the United States and Israel.
USA: Labor & textile groups demand punitive measures against Jordan
The US Trade Representative has been urged by the largest US labor organization and textile group to file a complaint against Jordan for its failure to check companies from exploiting their laborers and subsequently cheating them on wages. Since the US-Jordan FTA was signed between the two nations in December 2001, this is the first time any US business group has come together with labor demanding action under the treaty.
AFL-CIO and National Textile Association file first-ever worker rights case under US-Jordan FTA
This is the first time that a business association has formally joined in filing a worker rights case under a trade agreement. The groups called on the Bush Administration to initiate dispute settlement proceedings under the FTA that would halt gross workers’ rights violations occurring in Jordan.
Jordan expected to sign free trade agreement with Iraq
Jordan and Iraq are in the final stages of discussions over the signing of a free trade agreement.
Dubai Chamber says Jordan is a potential market for UAE
The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) said that Jordan is a potential market for the UAE, and the UAE could win a good chunk of Saudi Arabia’s trade with Jordan.
Salem outlines measures to protect workers’ rights in QIZs - Jordan
Jordan’s Minister of Labour Bassem Salem on Sunday met with US Ambassador David Hale and delegates of the Office of the US Trade Representative to outline efforts to safeguard workers’ rights in the country’s Qualified Industrial Zones (QIZ).
Jordan, Turkey conclude fourth round of talks on free trade agreement
Jordan and Turkey on Wednesday concluded the fourth round of talks on free trade agreement.
Analysis: US-Jordan FTA underbelly
The US-Jordan Free Trade Agreement is not meeting its full potential and worker rights in Jordan continue to be violated as a result, say experts from both nations.