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State to harmonise new import rules with Comesa policy
Government officials are reviewing the new sugar import licensing rules drafted by Agriculture ministry to ensure conformity with Comesa regulations.
Fears at talks as Europe pushes for free trade in services
Transnational corporations could be granted unfettered access to Kenya’s banking and telecommunications sectors if trade talks taking place in Antananarivo, Madagascar, favour Europe.
Barriers hamper trade within EAC countries
Border barriers remain the biggest challenge to the realization of cross-border trading within the East Africa Community, EAC.
US-EAC TIFA (2008)
Kenya tea loses its flavour in Pakistan
A tactical manoeuvre by Pakistan into bilateral free trade arrangements with several Asian neighbours is threatening to throw its multi-billion shilling-a-year-tea trade with Kenya into a spin.
Kenya: How country’s economy survived the EPA threat
Kenya signed an interim trade pact with the European Union in mid November to save its domestic and foreign investors who would have preferred to relocate to lowly ranked neighbouring states in the region, a senior official has disclosed.
Millers hassled as State ups sugar imports quota
Sugar sector players have finally agreed on a raft of radical proposals aimed at boosting the competitiveness of the ailing industry ahead of full liberalisation in 2012.
Comesa censures EAC over trade deal with EU
East Africa’s signing of an interim trade pact with Europe has come under heavy criticism for dividing Africa as well as undermining the continent’s integration efforts. Interview with the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (Comesa) Secretary-General Erastus Mwencha.
CSOs: Kenya bullied into signing treaty
Civil Society Organizations now say that the East and Southern African negotiators and civil servants who attended the Economic Partnership Agreements meeting in Brussels, Belgium were bullied into a midnight deal with the European Union.
Kenya is exempted from ACP-EU treaty
Kenya has been exempted from signing the Economic Partnership Agreement for another year. Economic analysts say the deal is good for Kenya in the short term but could become oppressive in the future.
EU boss to Kituyi: Take our deal or hit the road
The European Union reacted sharply to Trade minister Mukhisa Kituyi’s Tuesday revelation that Kenya will no longer pursue an interim trade pact with Europe but a comprehensive agreement ahead of the expiry of the one on December 31.
Farmers deserve a fair hearing
We should not be surprised at the Kenyan state’s almost complete lack of understanding of the concerns raised in a suit filed last week by the Kenya Small Scale Farmers Forum, with the support of the Kenya Human Rights Commission, to block any trade agreement between Kenya and the EU.
Kenya: Manufacturers join trade case
The stage is set for a battle pitting small-scale farmers against manufacturers and exporters of fresh produce. On Friday, the Kenya Association of Manufacturers and Kenya Fresh Produce Exporters Association applied and were included in the case as interested parties to support the Government against the farmers and the Kenya Human Rights Commission.
Legal obstacles emerge over free trade deal with Europe
A landmark case has entered the Kenyan corridors of justice as a group of farmers and a human rights watchdog move to challenge the State over ongoing negotiations for a new trade agreement with Europe.
Govt turns to Comesa as tax threat looms in EU
Africa’s largest trade bloc may hold the future for Kenya’s growing exports sector that is facing an uncertain future in traditional markets such as Europe, latest trade data indicates.
Flower industry may wilt if EPA deadline is missed
Kenya faces tariff increases of between two and 24 percent on its exports to the European Union if it fails to conclude an Economic Partnership Agreement with the EU by the end of the year.
Kenya: EPAs could delay EU bid
Uncertainty is looming in Kenya’s horticultural sector following the move by the five EAC member states to sign one Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), which they say could take much longer time than was previously anticipated.
Kenya: Govt should be cautious in free trade negotiations
To many sugarcane-dependent families in western Kenya, January 2008 will come with adverse consequences to livelihoods and life itself as Kenya joins more efficient sugar producers in the free market regimes of COMESA and EPA.
New rating poses threat to Kenya’s trade terms
Kenya’s terms of trade in the international market may change for the worse following its recent removal from the list of the world’s Least Developed Countries, it has emerged.
Kenya could lose out on a new trade deal with EU
Kenya is among 75 African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries currently engaged in negotiations with the EU for a new trade framework under the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs). As time is running fast, we need to examine the issues.