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US files illegal fishing complaint against S.Korea under free trade pact
US authorities for the first time filed a complaint against South Korea under environmental rules of the free trade pact between Seoul and Washington, over illegal fishing.
US, India keen to wrap up trade deal
Both countries are frantically working on ways to resolve long-disputed trade issues, especially relating to medical devices, agriculture, and e-commerce.
US hedge fund dispute with South Korea heads to arbitration
An international arbitration panel will hold hearings next month in the United States in a case filed by two New York-based hedge funds against the South Korean government over a 2015 Samsung merger.
Trump races for trade deals with Japan and India as China fight persists
The Trump administration is racing to announce limited trade deals with Japan and India, as President Trump tries to score some wins amid a protracted trade fight with China
Trump says US and Japan have reached initial trade agreement
President Trump said that his administration had reached an initial trade agreement with Japan and would announce a deal in the coming weeks.
RI looks to bolster ties with S. Korea, US through comprehensive trade agreements
The Indonesian government looks to hike trade with South Korea and the United States as it aims to complete a long-gestating trade agreement with the former and discuss a closer partnership with the latter.
China to exempt US pork and soybeans from additional trade war duties, in response to Trump’s tariff delay
China has announced that it will exclude imports of US soybeans, pork and other farm goods from additional trade war tariffs, opening the door for significant purchases of agricultural products.
Japan to eliminate tariffs on US wine in trade deal: Nikkei
Japan will eliminate the tariffs on US wine within five to seven years after the trade agreement goes into effect.
FTA with US not viable: government study
Signing a free trade agreement with the United States will not be viable for Bangladesh if the US does not agree to enter into such agreement only on trade in goods, trade officials said referring to a government feasibility study.
US agrees to expand low-tariff quota for Japanese beef imports: sources
The United States has agreed to increase its low-tariff quota for Japanese beef in bilateral trade negotiations, sources close to the matter have said.
Science on safety of chlorinated chicken ’misunderstood’
Government’s assurances that there are no health problems are misleading, say food policy experts.
Trump advisers consider interim China deal to delay tariffs
US could offer a limited trade agreement to China that would delay and even roll back some US tariffs in exchange for Chinese commitments on intellectual property and agricultural purchases.
Top US trade official submits USMCA ideas to Democrats: lawmakers
The long-awaited response from US Trade Representative sets the stage for weeks of intense negotiations before a congressional vote on the agreement.
In countdown to trade war talks, China ready to sweeten deal by buying American goods, source says
China has offered to buy American products in exchange for a delay in a series of US tariffs and easing of a supply ban against telecoms giant Huawei.
Turkey, US to hold talks on free trade agreement, Erdoğan says
Turkish President announced that he and his US counterpart agreed to kick start free trade agreement talks and that officials from both nations will shortly begin preparations.
US hints at rice concession in Japan trade talks
U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue suggested the US may make concessions in seeking greater access to Japan’s rice market, during ongoing bilateral trade talks.
US and Japan rush to finish trade deal by Trump’s tight deadline
Negotiators are now finalizing many of the core elements, including how much Japan is willing to open its agriculture market to US imports, cuts to industrial tariffs, and the treatment of digital trade.
Political pressures rolled back globalization before. It can happen again
It’s a good guess that the new global economic system will give overt political considerations greater weight than its predecessor. Countries will link trade benefits and penalties to their political agendas.
UK health service not on the table in US trade talks: Johnson
Prime Minister Boris Johnson told visiting US Vice President that Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) would not be included in negotiations with the United States for a trade deal.
United States and Japan reach "agreement in principle," but questions and obstacles remain
This report provides an overview of the announced agreement and the prospects and timing for its completion and entry into force.