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ASEAN’s fate hangs in an RCEP balance

In a virtual press conference held today, new evidence from a UN economist shows that the RCEP, a mega FTA recently signed by ASEAN and five trading partners Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan and South Korea, will negatively impact ASEAN, especially its trade balance.

Stopping the race to the bottom in trade policy

Agribusiness giant Bayer/Monsanto claims that Mexico’s proposed restrictions on the active ingredient in its Roundup herbicide violate the country’s trade agreement with the US.

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Europe’s China gambit

Trade and investment agreements cannot transform China into a Western-style market economy or turn it into a democracy.

Does new EU-ACP deal really ’decolonise’ aid?

Based on what we have seen in nearly final drafts of the text, the EU seems poised to again fail to promote a real shift in power relations due to imbalances that remain written into the new deal.

Why we need to talk about the African free trade area

The AfCFTA will give the African Union the chance to become a strong, independent player in the world economy – at least that is the optimistic forecast. But there are good reasons to cast doubt on the high hopes pinned on the African free trade area.