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US-led trade bloc seen to harm Philippines
The Philippines stands to lose some of its major markets if it will not be able to join the United States-led Trans-Pacific Partnership trade bloc, a US-based economist said.
The dangers of more bilateral FTAs
Reaction to pronouncements made by Trade Undersecretary Adrian Cristobal, Jr on Philippines interest to pursue more bilateral free trade agreements.
PHL to open more bilateral agreements
Trade Undersecretary Adrian Cristobal Jr. said the Philippines is willing to look into having bilateral trade agreements with other countries.
600,000 sugar workers’ jobs in peril when ASEAN Free Trade Agreement takes effect in 2015 - SRA
The implementation of the Common Effective Preferential Tariff scheme under the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement (AFTA) in 2015 may imperil the livelihood of about 62,000 sugar farmers and 600,000 sugar workers in the Philippines, the Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA) said.
Philippines: TPP technical consultations wrapped up by yearend
The Philippine government aims to finish technical consultations with member states of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) by the end of the year before it can decide whether the Philippines will participate in the regional free trade agreement, an official said.
590 Filipinas not covered by FTA came to Japan to work as caregivers
About 590 Filipinas who have come to Japan to work at nursing care facilities are not eligible for public support under the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement, Kyodo reports.
EU-ASEAN FTA Network statement on the signing of Joint Declaration on Cooperation between the Philippines and EFTA
The signing of the Joint Declaration on Cooperation between the Philippines and the European Free Trade Association is a prelude to an ambitious and comprehensive free trade agreement with EFTA and eventually with the European Union as well.
Philippines pursues free trade talks with European bloc
Tthe Philippines and EFTA member countries — Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway — signed last June 23 a joint declaration of cooperation that paves the way for free trade talks.
What you should know about the unusual Jpepa
Although both governments said at its signing that the agreement would be positive for both Japan and the Philippines in terms of trade and investment, the pact is actually lopsided in favor of the more powerful Japanese economic interests.
Philippines, EFTA sign deal this week to explore possible free trade accord
The Philippine government and EFTA (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) will sign a Joint Declaration on Cooperation on 23 June, setting the stage for negotiations on a free trade agreement.
Billionaire Salim seeks sweet Philippine deals
Billionaire Anthoni Salim’s First Pacific Co. is seeking to buy sugar companies in the Philippines to expand its footprint in Southeast Asia and tap opportunities from a free-trade agreement in the region.
PHL weighs impact of possible free-trade agreement with EFTA
The Philippines is set to undertake a study on the impact of a free-trade agreement with a European economic bloc as the country is scheduled to sign a declaration of economic cooperation with the European Free-Trade Association ministers this June.
PH sorts out Japan trade issues
The Philippine government will continue to sort out the trade concerns raised by the Japanese government during the eighth meeting of the subcommittee on the Improvement of Business Environment under the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (Jpepa).
Business groups urge FTA with EU
A trade pact between the Philippines and the European Union (EU) should be signed before 2016, businessmen yesterday said, else the country risk being left behind by Southeast Asian neighbors that are negotiating similar agreements.
European businessmen back moves to get closer to PH-EU FTA
European businessmen back the government’s plan to conclude the scoping for the free trade agreement between the European Union and the Philippines by the end of the year .
Clash mars PH launch of internationally coordinated protests vs Obama Asia trip
Bayan is coordinating with various anti-bases and anti-globalization groups in Japan, South Korea and the United States for a series of protests against the US pivot and the TPPA.
Proposed Asean-Hong Kong FTA has Manila’s backing
Manila is strongly supporting the proposed Asean-Hong Kong free-trade agreement (FTA) as this would further ease the flow of trade between China and the Philippines.
Top Filipino, US businessmen to lobby for PH inclusion in TPP
A group composed of top Filipino and American business leaders would help lobby for the Philippines’ inclusion in the US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, on top of initiatives to attract more American investors into the country, the Philippine envoy to Washington said.
Free trade agreements threaten access to medicine by the poor in Philippines
Ambitious free trade agreements in the Philippines would pose serious threats to access to medicines for the poor by providing greater patent rights to pharmaceutical companies, the EU-ASEAN Campaign Network said Tuesday ahead of an international meeting of pharmaceutical companies in Manila.
Philippines: Talk deal set with EFTA
An agreement that will spur further talks on a possible trade arrangement between the Philippines and the four-member European Free Trade Association (EFTA) is expected to be signed in June