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Medical workers may be losers in FTA
Philippine officials may be upbeat about finalizing the bilateral free-trade agreement with Japan this weekend, but there is some concern that the country’s medical workers will be the losers in the deal.
Bilateral Trade deal between Philippines and Japan should not be signed in Helsinki!
Filipino and Japanese groups participating in the Asia Europe People’s Forum in Helsinki expressed their strong opposition to the reported plan of Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi and Philippine President Arroyo to finalize the deal over the contentious Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement on the sidelines of the Asia Europe Meeting in Helsinki next week.
GMA, Koizumi to ink free trade agreement
Japan has said it will sign a free-trade pact with the Philippines, ending prolonged negotiations that had stalled largely over how many Filipino nurses could come to work in the world’s second-largest economy.
Gov’t calls for expansion of bilateral agreements
The government has called for an expand bilateral agreements with other countries to improve international market access for Philippine products.
ASEAN framework deal with US may be disastrous to economy, warns IBON
The recently-signed trade and investment framework agreement (TIFA) between the US and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) will sooner or later lead to a free trade agreement (FTA), and this will prove disastrous to the vulnerable sectors of the region, according to independent think-tank IBON Foundation.
Japan to set upper limit in accepting Philippine nurses under FTA
Japan has agreed with the Philippines to set an upper limit on the number of Philippine nurses and caregivers — 400 to 500 annually — it will accept under a bilateral free trade agreement which is scheduled to be signed by leaders of the two countries on Sept. 9, government sources said Thursday.
Under RP-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement local settlement of disputes agreed on
The Philippines and Japan have agreed to settle all disputes domestically under the proposed Economic Partnership Agreement unless the Secretaries of Trade of both countries agree to bring the dispute to an international arbitration court.
RP proposes phased-in bilateral FTA with US
The Philippines has formally proposed to the US for a phased-in bilateral free trade agreement (FTA) starting out with the garment and textile sector in an effort to protect the country’s advantages in this sector in the US market, which accounts for over 70 percent of the country’s total garment exports.
Officials at odds over US trade deal
Local leaders expressed differing views on whether the Philippines has the capacity to enter into a bilateral free-trade agreement (FTA) with the United States or be lumped together with its Asean neighbors in a region-wide FTA agreement.
Japan, Philippines aim to sign FTA in Sept.
Japan and the Philippines plan to conclude their bilateral free trade agreement in September and put it into effect by the end of 2007, it was learned Wednesday.
Free trade pacts more dangerous than WTO - IBON
In the wake of the collapse of the Doha talks in the World Trade Organization (WTO), negotiations for the Philippines to enter into an Asia-Pacific free trade agreement (FTA) have become more urgent for industrialized countries. But independent think-tank IBON Foundation warns that entering into an FTA could be even more dangerous than liberalization under the WTO.
Lost in statistics
The figures show Thais are winning with free trade - yet many of the nation’s small farmers, struggling just to scrape by, are looking to lessons learned around the world.
Export leader bats for US retention of GSP treatment of RP goods
Philippine trade negotiators must right away ask the US not to include the Philippines in the list of 13 developing countries slated to lose their General System of Preferences (GSP) so as not to disrupt the momentum of exports to the country’s top market.
Japan: Free trade deal with Manila stumbles over labour
While 23 July marked the 50th anniversary of bilateral friendship between Japan and the Philippines, Tokyo has decided not to use the occasion to conclude a long-awaited free trade agreement (FTA) with a fellow Asian country.
Garment exporters seek US deal
A contingent of local garments exporters is in Washington to seek support from United States Congress for a possible sectoral preferential trade deal.
SC has no jurisdiction over treaties, says Sol-Gen
The Supreme Court of the Philippines has no jurisdiction to issue a ruling on a petition filed by party-list group Akbayan seeking to stop the government from signing a bilateral trade pact with Japan without a full disclosure of its provisions to the public.
JPEPA: Arbitration framework readied
The Philippines and Japan are moving towards adopting arbitration procedures in settling disputes to avoid lengthy and expensive court battles in protecting investments from both sides as they finalize their proposed bilateral free trade pact.
Japan agrees to non-quota deployment of nurses—RP exec
Discussions on the labor component of the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA) finally moved forward after Japan agreed to a non-quota deployment of Filipino nurses and caregivers, a labor official said.
No benefit from free trade deals - PIDS
Policymakers should realize that free trade agreements (FTAs) are neither necessary nor sufficient for economic growth, Dr. Josef Yap, president of the government think tank Philippine Institute for Development Studies, said in a study.
Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (draft, 2003)
Working draft of the agreement as of 21 April 2003