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Veggie industry faces bleak future
The Fair Trade Alliance blames the Philippine government’s trade commitments to the General Agreement on Tariffs Trade, the World Trade Organization and bilateral trade pacts for the problems facing the domestic vegetable industry.
Taiwan and Philippines to benefit from FTA, TIER president says
Taiwan and the Philippines can benefit from a free trade agreement that is currently being negotiated by both countries, as it would help boost two-way trade and encourage more investments from the Taiwanese, said David Hong, president of Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER), yesterday.
Proposed RP-US FTA may center on telecom and financial sectors
In a recent round table discussion sponsored by the Philippine Institute for Development Studies, the service industries - specifically the telecommunication and the finance sectors - were tackled as two of the crucial areas where the Philippines can have the best potential if the FTA agreement with the US pushes through.
Philippines seeks sector-specific FTA with US
The Philippine government is pushing for a sector specific free trade agreement (FTA) with the US starting off with the garments sector to immediately take advantage of a duty-free privilege for garment exports and strengthen its presence in the US, the country’s biggest garment market.
RP-US FTA: A skewed deal in the making
The Philippines cannot hope for a “mutually-beneficial” relationship with the US through a free trade agreement founded on the US neocolonial agenda.
RP-Japan economic deal still on hold
The number of Filipino nurses and caregivers who will be allowed to enter Tokyo under the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA) remains to be among the contentious issues preventing both parties from sealing a bilateral accord.
’Death’ of Benguet veggie industry looms
The feared "demise" of the Benguet vegetable industry due to the free trade agreement looms. Growers expressed this fear when vegetables from Benguet were not excluded from the Early Harvest Program (EHP) signed by the Chinese and Philippine governments.
RP-Japan trade talks hit snag
Negotiations regarding the Philippine-Japan trade accord may be delayed until 2006, four months behind the government’s schedule, because of the continued delay in the proceedings.
AKBAYAN solon demands full disclosure of lopsided trade deal with Japan
AKBAYAN Rep. Mayong Aguja today scored the Department of Trade and Industry and the Executive for failing to fully disclose and inform the public of the exact contents of the Japan Philippines EPA.
Free-trade deal not in US trip agenda
Trade and Industry Secretary Peter B. Favila said the proposed Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the Philippines and the US is not in the agenda of President Gloria Arroyo’s state visit to the US.
Ford warns gov’t on JPEPA signing
Ford Motor Group in the Philippines has put up a strong pressure on the government against signing a free trade pact with Japan that will put its assembly and exports program in the country at a disadvantage over Japanese assemblers.
Philippines, US trade talks generate positive results
The Philippines-US Trade and Investment Council (TIC) recently held a bilateral consultation. The Philippine panel was informed during the TIC that the US Trade Representative will soon publish the results of a study on the prospects of an ASEAN-US FTA.
Philippines readies for free trade agreement talks with US
The Philippines Department of Trade and Industry said it will begin a study in preparation for negotiating a free trade agreement with the United States. The study is expected to be completed in September and the results would be validated through regional public consultations starting in October.
RP prepares for possible trade accord with US
Baby steps have begun in engaging the United States on a possible trade pact, the Philippines’ trade department said in a report to President Arroyo.
Free trade deal with US hinges on RP agricultural sector proposal
The likelihood of forging the US-Philippines free trade agreement (FTA) largely hinges on the Philippine agricultural sector in folding into the proposal.
Japan, RP agree on garments trade
While the Philippines and Japan still remained locked on three issues to finalize their Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), both parties have agreed in principle for a zero for zero arrangement on the trade of garments and textile.
Early FTA talks with US good for RP
An American expert on international trade and business practice has underscored the benefits for the Philippines to begin negotiating for a free trade agreement (FTA) with the United States.
Labor issues to delay Japan-Philippines FTA
The signing of an economic partnership agreement between Japan and the Philippines is likely to be pushed back to at least the end of the year due to disagreements over investment protections and quotas for care providers.
No quota under proposed JPEPA
The Japanese government is considering the position of the Philippines that there should be no quota and volume limit on the entry of Filipino IT and medical professionals to Japan but rather the entry of Filipino labor to Japan be driven by demand and qualification.
JPEPA: News in brief
The Philippines government is completing its "clean-up drive" on the country’s legal and dispute settlement mechanism before finally giving its final go signal to the implementation of the country’s first bilateral free trade area (FTA) deal, the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA).