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Free trade agreements
The formation of free-trade agreements (FTA) has become a worldwide trend in recent decades. The Philippines, in particular, is showing interest in a slew of trade agreements.
JPEPA: More Japanese investments, trade opportunities seen
More Japanese investments and trade opportunities are expected to pour into the Philippines following a recent visit from one of Japan’s biggest trade groups - the Kansai Economic Federation (Kankeiren) - and the forthcoming realization of the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement.
De Venecia proposes Phil-Korean trade partnership accord
Philippine Speaker Jose de Venecia has proposed to South Korean Prime Minister Lee Hae Chan and Speaker of Parliament Kim Won Ki the opening of negotiations for a Philippine-Korean Economic Partnership Agreement that would lead to large-scale investments, trade, and technology transfer to the country.
Japan may accept more workers from Thailand
The Japanese government is considering allowing in more Thai workers by relaxing employment conditions for cooks, masseurs and caregivers under a proposed free-trade agreement.
Germany’s Fraport flexes muscle
Fraport AG of Germany has decided to flex its diplomatic muscle in pressing for immediate compensation from the Philippine government for their investment in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Passenger Terminal 3 (NAIA-3) project, under the 1997 Philippine-German bilateral investment treaty.
Great on paper, hard to execute
In a recent discussion on the prospects for a Philippines-US FTA organized by the Philippine Institute for Development Studies, Romeo G. Borillo, the country’s trade representative in Washington DC, refused to divulge details of the proposed agreement.
Japan, Philippines agree to speed up work to sign FTA
Japan and the Philippines have agreed to speed up work to sign a bilateral free trade agreement and compared notes over Japan’s plan to tightening immigration control over Philippine nationals.
Stop the mad pursuit of bilateral free trade and economic partnership agreements!
We - farmers, fisherfolks, rural women, workers from the formal and informal sectors, and NGOs belonging to the Stop the New Round! Coalition - express our strong opposition to the Philippines government’s mad pursuit of bilateral free trade agreements particularly with Japan, China and the USA.
Groups say the govt to lose P16.9B in revenues
Two members of the Philippine House of Representatives are pushing for a congressional inquiry into the bilateral trade and investments agreements entered into by the government, which did not go through proper public consultations despite their far-reaching impact on the economy as well as the provisions of the Constitution.
Tokyo in push on trade deals
Japan will push to conclude a basic bilateral trade agreement with Thailand and Malaysia within the next few months, according to a senior trade official, who denied suggestions from a member of his own ministry that talks with those two countries had stalled.
Twelve-country report on FTAs
A report on the status of FTA fever in 12 Asian countries: Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.
Sino-Asean free trade pact a bane to RP, says Ibon
An economic research group warned an upcoming free trade agreement between China and the Association of Southeast Nations will have adverse effects on the country’s economy.
Japan, Philippines FTA shows foreign worker hurdles
Japan and the Philippines on Monday clinched a broad free trade agreement (FTA) that would include letting a trickle of nurses into Japan to help cope with a shortage.
Driving a hard bargain: Trade agreements easier said than done
Japan is proving a tough negotiator for countries with their hopes pinned on FTAs.
Japan, Philippines reach FTA accord
Japan and the Philippines reached a basic agreement for a bilateral free-trade agreement after striking a deal on the stickiest issue — steel tariffs.
ASEAN-Korea free trade talks set to start
Negotiations on the proposed ASEAN-Korea Free Trade Agreement (AKFTA) is expected to commence next year as ASEAN and Korean leaders are seen to favorably endorse the recommendations at the forthcoming ASEAN-Korea Summit this month.
Philippine gov’t reports big progress in talks with Japan
The Philippines reported significant progress in talks to sign a free-trade pact by the end of the year with Japan.
Japan: FTA talks with 3 nations at crucial stage
Japan’s ongoing negotiations over free trade agreements with Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand are entering a crucial stage.
Philippines: No systematic framework for FTA negotiations yet
The Philippines has yet to adopt a systematic framework that would govern its negotiations for bilateral free-trade agreements (FTAs) with other countries, according to two economic analysts.
NGOs fear trade-off in RP-Japan trade talks
Talks of a possible trade-off between the local agriculture and industrial sectors in the on-going trade negotiations for the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA) are worrying various sectors.