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Strong concerns about EU-US trade deal raised in Poland
31 Polish NGOs have signed a joint statement criticising the TTIP for its secrecy and investor privileges
UAE and Poland to strengthen bilateral trade
The UAE and Poland have agreed to undertake all possible measures to further promote bilateral trade and develop economic relations as the first meeting of the UAE-Poland Joint Commission for Economic Cooperation began in Warsaw on February 6.
Poland looks to Ukraine for strategic depth
Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich arrived in Poland on Tuesday to meet with his Polish counterpart Bronislaw Komorowski. The two leaders centered their discussion around Ukraine’s ongoing negotiations toward an association and free trade agreement with the European Union and ways that Poland can help facilitate this process.
Polish ambassador says FTA will open new chapter in relationship
New Polish Ambassador to Korea Krzysztof Ignacy Majka had been a renowned scientist in his home country and didn’t know much about Asia until he went to India in 1979 as a research student.
Eureko secures exit from Polish PZU row
An agreement has been signed between the Polish Ministry for State Treasury and Eureko to pay the insurer an interim dividend in November 2009 worth €1.85bn.