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Headway in services deal unlikely at RCEP summit
Countries in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) are against India’s push for liberalisation in services sectors.
Is India ready to face US heat on bilateral ‘trade imbalance’?
There is a pattern in the US’ trade demands which seldom change, regardless of the administration in power.
India, S. Korea to upgrade FTA at ‘earliest’
New Delhi wants its English, yoga teachers to get opportunities to offer services.
Free trade talks with EFTA grouping hit IPR, services wall
Switzerland insists on intellectual property commitments beyond TRIPS.
TiSA - Foul play
One of the world’s leading trade lawyers has written this report for UNI on the implications of TiSA on workers, democracy and UNIs sectors. The conclusions point in 1 direction: TiSA must be stopped!
Campaign reveals TiSA threat to jobs and rights
A new campaign to be launched by the ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) reveals the threat to jobs and workers’ rights posed by the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA).
TiSA troubles: Services, democracy and corporate rule in the Trump era
This study, co-published with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, examines the adverse impacts on public services and public interest regulation of the little-known Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA), quietly being negotiated in Geneva by a group of 23 governments, including Canada
The 835 reasons not to sign trade and investment agreements
A democratic decision to regulate a privatised essential service or to return it to public control could potentially trigger international investment arbitration if a country is bound by an international investment treaty.
Australia to launch free trade agreement talks with Hong Kong
Access for white-collar services businesses will be the focus as talks begin over a free trade agreement between Australia and Hong Kong.
Campaign reveals TiSA threat to jobs and rights
A new campaign to be launched by the International Transport Workers’ Federation reveals the threat to jobs and workers’ rights posed by the Trade in Services Agreement.
TiSA and the threat to public banks
The Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) is an attack on the future publicness of public banking around the world.
Trading with Trump – What we can expect from a UK-US trade deal
A new briefing has outlined the likely elements of a UK-US trade deal and argues that it would contain more extreme forms of all the controversial elements of the deal that was being negotiated between the EU and the USA.
TiSA and state-owned enterprises
Lessons from Uruguay’s withdrawal for other countries in the South.
Chile, China start talks to expand trade deal
Chile and China launched negotiations Monday to expand trade ties in the face of protectionist threats from US President Donald Trump.
RCEP - draft chapter on trade in services (Dec 2016)
As leaked by KEI
’Resolving mobility issue is the key to UK-India free trade pact’
Joint working group can act as a fulcrum for the FTA: India’s High Commissioner to UK
Expansion of ASEAN services accord pushed
The Philippines will push for the expansion and deepening of the ASEAN services agreement possibly over a 10-year transition period to allow the liberalization of more sectors.
Next round of RCEP talks in Japan; India to push for services
During the RCEP talks, India would press for greater market access in the services sector, particularly easy movement of professionals
Leaked TISA safe harbor proposal: the right idea in the wrong place
A new leak of the TiSA Electronic Commerce chapter has exposed a brand new U.S. government proposal on Internet intermediary safe harbors.
Trade pact: India, Sri Lanka to iron out differences in services, rules of origin
With China too eyeing a similar agreement with Colombo, New Delhi aims to sign expanded FTA this year.