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Civil society declaration – Euro-Mediterranean Association Agreements: the mirage of the evaluation study
The evaluation is highly unsatisfactory due to: the economic methodology imposed by the EU; civil society not sufficiently involved; social, economic and environmental impacts not taken into account.
Minister designates conclusion of trade negotiations as priority
Indonesian Trade Minister brought attention to prioritizing the prompt conclusion of several international trade negotiations in 2020, including RCEP and deals with Tunisia, Morocco, the EU and Turkey.
Tuniso-Moroccan newsletter on DCFTA n°2 – October 2019
Since April, a number of developments have taken place in Morocco and Tunisia, in particular the fourth round of negotiations in Tunisia.
UK and Tunisia sign continuity agreement
Agreement will ensure British businesses and consumers benefit from continued access to the Tunisian market after we leave the EU.
Food, Agriculture, Sovereignty: A book that dismantles the myths of Tunisian agriculture
The peasants have told the activist researchers stories of their daily struggles, but it is their attempt at organization that sparks the greatest interest.
Call against the EU Tunisia DCFTA
As European movements, we denounce this DCFTA as a violent neo-colonial project and support Tunisian organisations’ struggle against liberal policies imposed upon them by the European Union.
EU drive for trade liberalisation adds to tensions in Tunisia
The European Union’s disproportionate pressure for trade liberalisation risks exacerbating political strains in the last democracy of northern Africa.
China and Tunisia sign belt and road agreement
Tunisia seeks a meaningful engagement with BRI, to develop its infrastructure and open up trade with China and Africa in order to expand and diversify its trading partners which is currently dominated by Europe.
PTA with Tunisia soon
Tunisia can be a gateway for Pakistani business community to the African countries, says Tunisian Ambassador
ALECA: La Tunisie et l’UE négocient pour l’annulation des visas pour les professionnels tunisiens
Pour le secrétaire d’État tunisien au Commerce extérieur ne peut plus parler d’Accord de Libre Echange si les professionnels, ou encore des investisseurs sont obligés d’obtenir un visa pour aller en Europe dans l’exercice de leurs fonctions.
EU-Tunisia FTA: EU proposals (July 2018)
As released by the European Commission
Tunisia, Indonesia sign preferential trade agreement
Tunisia and Indonesia signed a preferential partnership agreement at the Tunisia-Indonesia Business Forum held in Tunis.
Accord de libre-échange UE-Tunisie : la société civile s’invite dans les négociations
La Tunisie a semblé décidée à prendre son temps avant de parapher l’accord, notamment pour être plus à l’écoute de la société civile.
EU-Tunisia negotiations: Free trade without trading freedoms?
With the DCFTA, the EU offers Tunisia to sign an international treaty to further open its economy: for goods, services and capital.
Pakistan, Tunisia to sign PTA for improving bilateral trade
Pakistan and Tunisia are negotiating for a preferential trade agreement to improve bilateral trade between the two countries.
Tunisia, Indonesia to build free trade partnership
The two ministers agreed to boost bilateral cooperation that is mutually beneficial in fields including trade, investment, education, diplomatic training and fight against terrorism.
Official: African states to meet deadline to establish trading bloc
The Tripartite Free Trade Area will comprise 28 countries, cover approximately 18.3 million square kilometers and hold about 61 percent of the continent’s population.
EU proposes more aid, trade pact to support Tunisia
The European Commission proposed to increase aid to Tunisia and complete a deeper trade pact within three years.
ALECA… Retour sur impact!
Pour couper à toutes les spéculations concernant les éventuelles retombées du futur accord de libre-échange complet et approfondi (ALECA), nous proposons une lecture scientifique.
Ben Guerdane to host free trade zone
The Tunisian government has announced plans to create a free trade zone within the southern town of Ben Guerdane.