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WTO accession

White House upbeat on Vietnam trade pact
The Bush administration expressed optimism Monday that a recently completed trade agreement with Vietnam can be signed by early June and supporting legislation can win congressional approval this summer.
Trade deal to bring harsh competition to Vietnam
Vietnam’s trade deal with the United States — meant to facilitate Vietnam’s accession to the WTO — lowers Hanoi’s tariffs on US industrial and farm products and removes other barriers that block US companies in the telecommunications, retailing, banking, insurance and energy sectors.
What is the cost for missing the WTO train?
Is Vietnam capable of signing an FTA when the essence of such an agreement is WTO++, with rules based on WTO rules? If we have not joined the WTO yet, how can we reach an FTA with Japan?
Nation up against last WTO barrier
Viet Nam was awaiting the removal of the last major barrier to its entry to the World Trade Organisation - the successful conclusion of bilateral negotiations with the United States - Deputy Trade Minister Luong Van Tu has told a Vietnam News Agency correspondent.
Tonga’s WTO accession has TRIPS+ linkage
Tonga acceded to the WTO yesterday and one of the conditions of it being allowed to join the WTO was to have TRIPS+ linkage of patent status and data exclusivity.
Vietnam, Japan conclude WTO talks, eye FTA
Vietnam and Japan yesterday concluded bilateral negotiations over the former’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) while agreeing to hold preliminary talks on a bilateral free-trade agreement (FTA).
Saudi Arabia accession to WTO (2005)
Information sheets from USTR
US and Saudi Arabia conclude bilateral WTO accession agreement
US Trade Representative Rob Portman today announced that the United States and Saudi Arabia have concluded bilateral negotiations on issues related to Saudi Arabia’s World Trade Organization accession.
Saudi Arabia and the US sign bilateral free trade agreement
A member of the Saudi delegation negotiating the Kingdom’s entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO) told Asharq Al Awsat his government and the United States had signed a bilateral free trade agreement and expected the U.S Congress to make an announcement on the subject next week following its ratification.
Academic: China to be free trade driver
China is likely to eclipse the World Trade Organization and regional market-opening pacts to become the main driver of freer global trade in the 21st century, a prominent trade academic said on Tuesday, Reuters reported.
Saudi Arabia, US to sign trade agreement
Saudi Arabia will sign a trade agreement with the United States in the next two days to pave the ground for entering the World Trade Organization.
US supports Vietnam’s WTO bid, works toward FTA
The United States fully supports Vietnam’s efforts to join the World Trade Organization (WTO), said US Ambassador to Vietnam Michael Marine at a press conference in Washington on May 25.
It’s make or break time for free trade, says Supachai
World Trade Organisation chief Supachai Panitchpakdi has described this month as a crucial period that could make or break the highly-anticipated WTO ministerial meeting in Hong Kong in December.
WTO hampered by ’spaghetti bowl’ deals
The World Trade Organisation is being undermined by the intransigence and short-sightedness of its member countries, according to the report of a high-level commission released on Monday.
Trade negotiating power likely to be extended, USTR says
US Trade Representative Robert Zoellick predicts that Congress will allow a two-year extension of President Bush’s trade negotiating authority to go forward, giving more time to conclude World Trade Organization negotiations as well as bilateral and regional negotiations.
Patchwork of FTAs won’t do - Doha Round crucial
World Trade Organisation (WTO) members have finally established a framework for negotiations to conclude the Doha Round. This is good news. Failure would have crippled or even killed the round, and marginalised the WTO as a negotiating forum.
TWN: Call to review bilateral trade deals
With a deal being struck at the World Trade Organisation on 31 July to revive negotiations, will the move towards bilateral trade agreements slow down?
Libya gets go-ahead for WTO talks
The World Trade Organisation has given the green light for Libya to begin talks on becoming a member. The decision, which received US backing at a meeting in Geneva, is the latest sign of Libya’s rehabilitation in the international community.
Russia: WTO bid timed to US election
Moscow is pushing hard to hammer out a deal with Washington on WTO membership before the U.S. presidential election in November, Russian negotiators said.
Russia-WTO: EU-Russia deal brings Russia a step closer to WTO membership
EU Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy and the Russian Economy Development and Trade Minister German Gref have signed today the agreement concluding the bilateral market access negotiations for the accession of the Russian Federation to the WTO, in the presence of the European Commission President Romano Prodi, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the President of the European Council Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern.