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Zimbabwe is offering land back to BIPPAs and black farmers. Betrayal or the law? Here are the facts
There are only two types of farmers that can be compensated for both land and improvements on farms. On of them is farmers whose land was protected by Bilateral Investment Protection and Promotion Agreements.
Zimbabwe to pay white farmers $3.5 billion over Mugabe land reforms
Some of the dispossessed farmers were from countries such as Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland whose properties were protected by investment treaties between Harare and the Western countries.
Zimbabwe offers land as compensation for 800 seized farms
The dispossessed farmers covered in the land compensation scheme are citizens of countries that have bilateral investment agreements with Zimbabwe.
Cabinet approves ratification of Comesa-EAC-Sadc free trade
Cabinet in Zimbabwe has approved the ratification of the COMESA-EAC-SADC Tripartite Free Trade Area (TFTA).
Zim not yet ready for full AfCFTA
Zimbabwe should ramp up value addition and beneficiation of its products beforehand, says official.
Land reform blow: Zimbabwe must pay foreign investor US$195m; World Bank unit dismisses Harare’s bid to annul award
The ICSID has rejected Zimbabwe’s application to annul an US$195 million award to a German family whose property was expropriated under the controversial land reform programme.
Govt, business consult on Africawide FTA
Government has opened consultations with industry on rules of origin (RoO) for the ambitious African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) aimed at promoting duty-free flow of goods and services originating in the bloc.
Expropriation without compensation? Ask the British.
Zimbabwe is still seeking to have annulled two Awards issued by a tribunal of the ICSID. The disputes concern the government’s expropriation of timber plantations which were first established by Rhodes’ BSAC.
One hundred years of expropriation without compensation
On 29 July 1918, the British judiciary proffered the Empire’s most expressly and egregiously racist justification for the land dispossession of indigenous peoples. Today, an ICSID tribunal continues that mission. No matter which way Zimbabwean’s turn at the polls, they’re still paying for their invasion and occupation by Cecil Rhodes’ British South Africa company...
Multi-million dollar payment hangs over Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe is in breach of two arbitral awards totalling USD 240 million, after it missed a deadline to pay investors whose land was seized as part of the government’s racially motivated land reforms.
EPA tariff to be aligned
THE government of Zimbabwe is working on putting in place the requisite legal framework that will see the country fully implementing the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union.
Over 30 countries interested in signing free trade agreement with EEU
Several countries have offered to create free-trade zones with the Eurasian Economic Union including Zimbabwe, Jordan, Syria, Mongolia and Albania.
Zimbabwe: Govt signs 54 trade pacts
Government has signed 54 Bilateral Investment Protection and Promotion Agreements (BIPPA) that are now at various stages of completion as it moves towards injecting more pace in the country’s economic growth, a Cabinet minister has said.
Matiza warns Zanu PF Bippa farm invaders
A governernment official has warned Zanu PF supporters against invading commercial farms covered under Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (Bippas) with foreign governments
Zim to sell to EU
Zimbabwe will soon be allowed to sell its goods to the European Union (EU) without paying tariffs and quotas, the clearest indication yet that the relationship between the EU and the southern African nation is thawing.
Let’s prove ‘detractors’ wrong
News that German ambassador Hans Gnodtke has warned his country might pull out of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation General Assembly due to be held in Victoria Falls later this year if government does not guarantee protection of its nationals must be a worrying development for Zimbabwean Tourism minister Walter Mzembi who has worked hard to make the event a success.
Govt to sign more bilateral agreements
Permanent Secretary in the ministry, Desire Sibanda on Thursday said following the success of investment road shows carried out last year, government was optimistic of concluding more BIPPAs with several investor countries.
Zimbabwe admits Word Bank ruling on farm invasions
After 3 years and 8 months, Zimbabwe has admitted financial liability on illegal farm invasions and forthwith issued a statement that they are ceasing all farm invasions on properties protected by bilateral investment treaties.
Zimbabwe: Govt, Russia to sign Bippa
Zimbabwe and Russia are today expected to sign a proposed Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement in a move expected to enhance investment and trade relations between the countries
AfDB Warns Zim on EPAS
The African Development Bank (AfDB) has warned Zimbabwe that opening its domestic markets to the European Union under the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPAs), exposes local industries to unfair competition.