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The government of South Korea has concluded, or is pursuing negotiations for, a number of bilateral free trade and investment agreements. Korean social movements have been mobilizing in opposition to these ever since the Korea-Chile FTA was proposed. So far, South Korea has signed deals with Chile (2004), EFTA (2004), Singapore (2005), ASEAN (2007) the US (2007, ratified in 2011), Peru (2011) and Turkey (2012). Talks are under way with Canada, China, Mexico, India, the EU and, technically speaking, Japan. Negotiations with Colombia have stalled over Colombia’s demands for access for better terms for its fruit and flower exports than what Korea gives Chile and Peru. Seoul is also looking to open discussions with Mercosur, Malaysia, Mexico and possibly Israel.

last update: May 2012
Photo: Joe Mabel / CC BY-SA 3.0

S. Korea, S. Africa to discuss possible FTA
South Korea and South Africa will hold talks next week in Pretoria to discuss a variety of issues, including the possible signing of a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA), South Korean officials said Thursday.
Seoul plans safety net for free trade victims
Seoul on Friday decided to support workers and businesses that fall victim to trade liberalization, even as APEC ministers in Jeju pledged to back a formula that would drastically slash tariffs in non-agricultural sectors.
Korea sees progress in FTA talks with EFTA
Korea made progress in talks for inking a free trade agreement with the four countries of the European Free Trade Association, the government said yesterday.
Korea urges Japan to open up
Japan needs to allow South Korean products greater access to its agricultural and fisheries markets in an effort to advance stalled bilateral free-trade agreement (FTA) talks, South Korean Trade Minister Kim Hyun-chong said on Friday.
Korea-Singapore FTA: Bridge to SE Asian markets, cornerstone for services liberalization
The KSFTA was promoted by Korea under two main strategies. One is to use Singapore as a bridge to gain more market access in Southeast Asia and strive further towards regional integration, and the other is to use external ‘stimulus’ from Singapore to “strengthen competitiveness” (restructuring and liberalization) of the services industry.....
Trilateral free trade agreement
Not too long ago, the entire country and the National Assembly agonized over the ratification of Korea-Chile Free Trade Agreement (FTA). Its final National Assembly passage was delayed from the strong opposition of many people, particularly from farmers. It is remarkable to learn that the Korean government is now either negotiating or planning to negotiate with as many as 50 countries to complete their FTAs by 2007.
Korea to sign FTA with EFTA in July
Korea and the European Free Trade Association have tentatively agreed that they will sign the final free trade agreement (FTA) in July, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Sunday.
Leading on free trade
The Roh administration has not had an easy time handling the foreign policy file. But for all its faults and foibles, there is one very important portion of that file in which the president has provided some strong leadership: free trade.
Free Trade Fervor - Careful, Comprehensive Strategy Leads to Success
The government’s plan to conclude 15 free trade agreements by 2007 is the right move - if somewhat overambitious.
FTA lays foundation for more open economy
The first free trade agreement with Chile has brought an array of benefits to Korea in the past year, not least contributing to the speeding up of the nation’s FTA talks with other trade partners.