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An Ultimate Guide Of Go Kart Bearing Replacement

Being into the business of machinery and equipment, you will hardly meet someone who doesn’t know about the variety of bearings. It is one of the imperative parts of any machine without which its smooth functioning is not possible.

The go kart bearing is widely used in the vehicles that allow it to move smoothly. It is increasingly gaining demand in the market for its affordability, suitability and such other benefits that other bearings fail to provide.

If you are also a go kart user, go through the below-given article that will assist you with the proper guide for bearing replacement.

How To Remove Go Kart Bearing?

The bearings in most of the yards are of 5/8’’ in the front and 1’’ in the rear. The bearings come in pairs of hub or rim where it has 5/8’’ inner diameter and 13/8’’ outer diameter.

To remove the bearing, you need to first remove the spindle nut and then slide off the hub assembly or the rim assembly to the right. Put the hub or rim assembly on the hard surface. Take a round bar of the same diameter i.e. 5/8’’.

You need to push the rod all through the first bearing to angle it for the inner race. Once you have caught the angle, hit the rod with a hammer to bring out the bottom of the bearing. Now, flip the rim and repeat the process for the other bearing.

How To Install The New One?

There is no rocket science in the installation of the new go kart bearing. However, you have to be quite conscious while installing the same as the smallest error can damage the bearing.

Usually, the bearings come greased and sealed. The key to a successful installation is not to damage the seal or break of the bearing beforehand.

At the time of replacement, you may find the rim or the rust to be harder due to the old grease or debris. You may find it difficult to install the new one due to the harder surface. Make sure to remove the debris and grease with the sandpaper or wire brush before installing the new bearing.

Also, use the pipe or socket that will fit against the outer race of the bearing. You need to tap it with the hammer. Don’t forget to put the spacer back between the two front wheel bearings or else it will get rubbed with each other.

Re-Installation Of Rim Or Hub Assembly

The moment you have the bearings in, you need to slide the hub assembly or the rim onto the spindle and tighten the nut back. It is essential to note here that the nut has to tighten carefully. An excessive tightening may damage the new bearing or cause immoderate friction. Hence, you need to be conscious enough while tightening the nuts.

To figure out whether you have properly tightened the nut or not, move the spindle and see if it moves easily or not. If it doesn’t, loosen the nuts to the appropriate level.

Go Kart Axle Bearing Removal

The replacement is comparatively easier as you just need to unscrew the bearings. In case of old bearing, use the rust penetrate spray to remove the bearing and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Then follow the process mentioned earlier for the go kart bearing with the hammer.

Rear Axle Bearing Installation

Simply, slide the bearing onto the axle without tightening the set screws. Tighten the axle hangers on the outer race, and see if the axle is centered by measuring each the sides of the kart. Once you find it at center, tighten the screws.

Proper installation of the bearing is highly essential for any machinery. Also, you need to get the right go kart bearing or miniature bearing supplier for a long life of your machine.

So, we believe the above article would be helpful to you for your machinery and you won’t need anyone’s help anymore.