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Argentina–Venezuela: CFK and Hugo Chavez signed trade agreements

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Página 12 | 11-08-09

Freely translated by Anoosha Boralessa in March 2015; not reviewed by any organization or person.

For 1100 million dollars
Argentina – Venezuela: CFK and Hugo Chavez signed trade agreements

The President, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, singled out a bilateral meeting to signal that its aim is “to foster integration”. She qualified this as “absolutely necessary”. She reaffirmed agreements signed for “key sectors” such as foodstuffs, energy and technology as these “are transcendental for the 21 Century”.

Following their private meeting, Cristina and Chavez had lunch together. Then another meeting was held. At this meeting assembled officials of both countries and Argentine businesses that had been participating in a trade mission from Monday.

The Casa Rosada hopes that Venezuela will replace Colombian imports with Argentine products. This will end the relationship between Chavez and Alvaro Uribe that became strained after US military bases were set up on Colombian territory.

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner highlighted that the purpose of the bilateral meeting is to signal the objective of “strengthening integration” which she qualified as “absolutely indispensable.” So she declared in a few words after arriving at Miraflores Palace to meet with Chavez.

In turn, the President reaffirmed the:

“agreement is to respect and to continue under the banner of truth, justice, equality and genuine democracy”.

Cristina continued:

“With our subtle differences, we are working with this end in mind. However, there are still minority sectors with considerable powers that consider it is possible to efface a narrative determined to bring improvements, that is striving to better the lives of our men and women.”

The President emphasized that the agreements signed today with her equal Hugo Chavez are: “for key sectors” and clarified that these were in relation to food products, energy and technology because “these are transcendental for the 21st century”. And she considered that the “scale of the operations” means that we are not “simply dreaming but hope to achieve results”.

“We have reopened the quota to export 10,000 cars”, indicated Cristina. She also added that “this will considerably contribute to reviving the sector”.

Furthermore, the President declared that:

“it is possible to supply technology on electricity distribution to face the problems that arise from the power to purchase and economic growth.”

“Today is a very special day. On many occasions people have tried to demonize the relationship between our two countries. If only those who have such intentions could see how these Argentine businesses are participating in this round of negotiations decisively and with much conviction.”

So said the President.

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