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EU sponsors new study on EPAs

The Monitor, Uganda

Uganda: EU Sponsors New Study On Epas

By Salome Alweny & Grace Natabaalo, Kampala

8 June 2007

Uganda will benefit from a $64,000 fund from the European Union aimed at supporting studies on the likely impact of international trade on its environment.

The studies that will specifically focus on trade resulting from economic partnerships between the EU-Caribbean and Uganda, will evaluate environmental, social and economic effects of past and future policies that are likely to impact negatively on the co-existence of bio-organisms - biodiversity.

The project - Government of Uganda Integrated Assessment - will particularly focus on the horticultural sub sector to provide policy makers with information necessary to make informed decisions about the design and implementation of policies that promotes sustainable development.

The National Environment Management Authority (Nema) says as exports in the horticulture sub sector to the EU is growing, there are potential threats to Uganda’s biodiversity especially due the demand for more land and the use of chemicals.

The study will also strengthen the analytical and technical capacity of Uganda’s negotiators on trade and environmental matters.

Flower farms in Uganda are located near wetlands and water bodies and therefore require very strict adherence to environmental standards.

Nema has designated the Economic Policy Research Centre to carry out the integrated assessment on behalf of the government.