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Ghana to sign EPA in October

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Demonstrators against the EPAs at a May Day celebration in Ghana

Myjoyonline | 12 August 2009

Ghana to sign EPA in October

Ghana may be compelled to sign the Economic Partnership Agreement in its current form come October if discussions on the agreements are not finally concluded by ECOWAS.

There is a disagreement between ECOWAS and the EU over what percent of its markets should be liberalized.

The sub-region is proposing 60 per cent but the EU is suggesting 80 and the disagreement could prolong the EPA negotiations till January next year.

But a director at the Ministry of Trade, Clement Ayaaba tells Joy Business Ghana may have some serious challenges if ECOWAS is unable to conclude negotiations by October.

Ghana broke ranks with the economic grouping ECOWAS to sign the interim EPAs in 2007.

The region was however expected to finally sign the agreement last June but the date was extended to October for further discussions.