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KCTU union member dies from self-immolation attempt in protest of the KOR-US FTA

KCTU Breaking News | 15 April 2007

KCTU Union Member Dies from Self-Immolation Attempt in Protest of the KOR-US FTA

On 11:23 am, April 15th, KCTU union member, Bro. Heo Se-Wook, passed away from septicemia as a result of the massive immune system response to the third degree burns all over his body after he attempted to commit suicide by setting himself on fire as an act of resistance against the KORUS FTA on April 1st. The KCTU will carry on his spirit of resistance against the KORUS FTA by mobilizing in full force to oppose the KORUS FTA. The KCTU holds the South Korean government responsible for his death; the South Korean government shut out all voices of dissent against the FTA, leading Brother Heo to the extreme and drastic measure of sacrificing his own life in order to be heard.

On 7:00 pm, April 16th and in solidarity with people’s and social movements organizations, the KCTU will hold a candle light vigil to commemorate his life as well as oppose the KORUS FTA.

Brother Heo Se-Wook was a union member of Han-dok Taxi Chapter, Taxi Workers’ Branch of Korean Transportation Workers’ Union, Korean Federation of Public Services and Transportation Workers’ Unions affiliated to KCTU. He was also a member of Democratic Labor Party (DLP) in Korea and a member of Solidarity for Peace and Reunification of Korea. He was very active in many protests and demonstrations against neo-liberal globalization and against US militarism such as the expansion of US military base in Pyungtaek, Kyunggi province.

Please express your condolences to him and solidarity for Korean workers and people’s struggle against the KORUS FTA.

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