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Protest against free trade with China

Protest Against Free Trade With China

New Zealand: Scoop

There will be a protest against the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China in Auckland on Thursday, March 10, 2005.

The protest will be held on the Quay Street footpath at the entrance to Princes Wharf, Auckland City Centre from 8am until 5:30pm.

The protest will take place as a result of a conference being held at the Hilton Hotel at the same time called “Inside the New China”, which has a background in the pending FTA between NZ and China.

Many New Zealanders are very concerned about free trade with China for various reasons. Two chief causes for concern are: (1) China’s horrendous Human Rights record, which continues up until today. New Zealand’s business relationship with China continuing to grow closer condones, and even supports the Chinese governments disregard for Human Rights. (2) Kiwi manufacturers will find it very difficult to compete with the increased amount of low cost manufactured goods coming from China, resulting in the closure of many NZ manufacturing businesses and the loss of many Kiwi jobs.

The protest is organized by individual Kiwi citizens who do not belong to any organization. Anyone who is concerned about the FTA with China is encouraged to attend the protest to voice their concerns.


 source: Scoop