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Self burning against Kor-US FTA

The Voiceofpeople | 2007-04-02

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Heo Seuk burnned his self against KorUS FTA ⓒVoiceofpeople

Self burning against Kor-US FTA

A taxi driver Heo Seuk appealed to the death.

Suh Jung-Hwan

A taxi driver Heo Seuk, 54 years old man, burnned himself and left his last speech, "Give up the KorUS FTA".

It happened in front of the Hotel Hayatt where the KorUS FTA negotiation was going in, at 3:55 p.m. 1st of April.

He was in the fire for 2 minutes and the ambulance arrived 5 minutes later.

Fortunately he is alive now. But his doctor Lee Jeongsub explained that the probability that he would survive is 20 30 percent.

Heo was a taxi driver for last 15 years and lived without family.
His friends stated that he was highly interested in the social problem because he hardly lived as a low-incomed worker for his life.

Kuni air-base, Miseon & Hyosun, Pyeongtaek U.S. base and KorUS FTA. He have attended almost all the important actions enthusiastically.

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Heo Seuk protesting against KorUS FTA ⓒKDLP

For his suicide note, Heo advocated that the KorUS FTA should never reached.

"He looked be impatient at the dull movement against KorUS FTA, especially". Chae Yeongmin, Heo’s fellow of Korea Democratic Labor Party, said.

People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy announced that the killers were Roh administration and its KorUS FTA project. PSPD warned the government to stop the FTA negotiation.

KDLP also addressed that continuing the negotiation would never be sorry for.

 source: Voiceofpeople