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Video: Protest action against the EU-India FTA - Brussels - 4 October 2010

Against the backdrop of the 8th ASEM, the Belgian Platform for Action on Health and Solidarity held a protest action against the EU-India FTA during the Asia-Europe People’s Forum, in front of the European Commission in Brussels on 4 October 2010.

India is known as the pharmacy of the developing world. It is one of the few developing countries with its own pharmaceutical industry and exports a plentiful supply of good, affordable medicines to dozens of other developing countries. India is the source of 90% of the HIV/AIDS drugs used in developing countries.

Through a free trade agreement with India, Europe is seeking to impose stricter intellectual property right regulations. This will make it more difficult for Indian manufacturers of generic medicines to bring their products onto the market, thereby pushing up prices. The EU-India free trade agreement therefore not only threatens to dry up a source of good, affordable medicines, but also puts countless human lives at risk in developing countries.

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 source: Protest action against the EU-India FTA - Brussels - 4 October 2010