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India FTAs & medicines

EU-US free trade pact cause of concern for Indian pharma firms
There are apprehensions that TTIP would prevent Indian pharma companies to come to market with the same products - they would need to pass through several rounds of additional tests. As a result, prices will move up significantly.
US puts unwarranted pressure on India for taking legal steps to increase access to affordable medicines
India is facing an onslaught of political pressure from the U.S. government and pharmaceutical industry in retaliation for the country’s entirely legal actions to limit abusive patenting practices and increase access to affordable generic medicines
India-EU FTA won’t hit generic drugs industry: EU envoy
The much-hyped bilateral trade and investment agreement (BTIA) between India and the European Union (EU) would not impact the Indian generic drugs industry or lead to a change in the country’s patent law, João Cravinho, EU ambassador to India, said on Friday.
India-EU FTA will imperil lives, local industry, say activists
A large number of people living with HIV, cancer patients and health activists took to the streets of Delhi today asking government of India not to sign a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the European Union (EU) as it would be detrimental to the interests of tens of thousands of people like them in the country.
Cambodian people’s statement on the EU-India free trade agreement on generic drugs
We, Cambodian garment workers, sex workers, entertainment workers, people living with HIV, LGBTs, university students, feminists and human right activists from different networks and organisations came together to express our concern about the threat posed by the forthcoming EU-India free trade agreement to the lives of millions of people in Cambodia and many other developing countries across the world.
Join the rally to oppose EU-India FTA!
Around 2000 people including people living with HIV (PLHIV), patient groups and public health activists will take to the streets and rally from Barakhamba road to Jantar Mantar at 11.00 am on 10 April 2013 to voice concerns and protest against harmful provisions being pushed by the EU-India FTA negotiations
Manmohan Singh must learn from the Novartis judgement
Will Manmohan Singh understand the clear purpose behind the national sentiment around the Supreme Court judgment on Novartis’ cancer drug Glivec? If he does, he should take a relook at the India-EU Free Trade Agreement that is cooking in his back-room.
European Union sets tough conditions under FTA
The gains accruing to the Indian generic drugs industry as a result of the Supreme Court judgement on the Novartis case may be lost if India accepts demands by the European Union (EU) under the proposed free trade agreement (FTA) between the two sides.
Indian pharma sector fears India-European Union FTA could imperil local industry
Drugmakers and healthcare activists are worried that the India-European Union Free Trade Agreement (FTA), which is in the works, may contain a provision that could imperil local industry and have urged the government to keep patent infringement issues out of FTAs.
European Union-India FTA may hit generic medical industry
The free trade agreement that European Union is pushing India to sign could put an end to India’s status as the pharmacy of the developing providing affordable medicines, especially HIV drugs to countries like Brazil, Thailand, South Africa, Zimbabwe and several others. The negotiations with EU are on at a feverish pace this week in Brussels even before the parliamentary standing committee looking into the free trade agreements (FTAs) has submitted its report.
Pharma exports: India asks Japan to remove non-tariff barriers
India has asked Japan to remove all non-tax barriers to help the domestic industry take advantage of the comprehensive free-trade agreement and increase share in the Japanese market.
Does EU/India free trade agreement spell the end of cheap drugs for poor countries?
After four years of negotiations, campaigners fear India is about to sign a trade deal with the EU which will stop the flow of cheap life-saving drugs to the developing world
Act Up-Paris confront Karel De Gucht on ACTA and EU-India FTA
Supporting the ongoing Global Week of Action on the EU-India FTA, Pauline Londeix of Act Up-Paris today confronted the European Commission for Trade, Karel de Gucht at a “Civil Society dialogue on Trade, Growth and development” at the European Commission. De Gucht reportedly leaves for India tomorrow for the EU-India Summit on 10th February 2012 where the E.C. is putting pressure on the Indian government to announce political trade-offs in the EU-India FTA.
NGO asks European Commission not to push India to accept IP provisions in EU-India FTA
As the 14th round of negotiations on the EU-India free trade agreement is held in Delhi, an NGO working in the health sector has urged the European Union not to push India to accept IP provisions in the deal
EU-India FTA negotiations: DNP+ protest
DNP+ believes that IP should be completely be removed from the trade negotiations.
Indian pharma industry to gain from free trade agreement with Gulf nations
The Indian pharmaceuticals and chemicals industry will be among the biggest beneficiaries of a free trade agreement between the GCC and India, a leading banker in the region has said.
DoP to convey concerns of industry over proposed FTAs, TPPA to commerce ministry
India’s Department of Pharmaceuticals will take up issues with the Commerce Ministry regarding the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement which is likely to have adverse impact on the Indian pharma products, and other such Free Trade Agreements in the pipeline.
EU-India FTA - the data exclusivity dilemma
Conflict between European and Indian pharma industries might be played out again in FTAs with other nations
"BRICS can ensure affordable drugs"
While ‘data exclusivity’ clauses will not feature in the India-European Union free trade agreement (FTA), the threat posed by the impending deal to the world’s supply of cheap generic drugs is far from over.
Millions will die if India stops AIDS drugs — UN
Millions of people dependent on life-saving generic drugs to treat HIV/AIDS will die if India stops producing cheap drugs for the disease due to its trade deal with the European Union, the head of UNAIDS warned on Tuesday.