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  • 2-Sep-2004
    Some Latino Groups Oppose Free Trade Agreement, L.A. Times Says
    Some Latino groups, such as the League of United Latin American Citizens, oppose the Central American Free Trade Agreement because they say it will export U.S. jobs and lead to the exploitation of Central American workers and the environment, the Los Angles Times reported.
  • 1-Sep-2004
    Manila, Beijing hope for China-ASEAN free trade zone soon
    Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Chinese President Hu Jintao expressed hope on Wednesday for the early establishment of a planned free trade zone linking China and the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).
  • 1-Sep-2004
    Debate over S.Korean film quota
    South Korea’s increasingly successful movie industry is at a crossroads — officials want to phase out protectionism that angers trade partners while other people say films still need to be shielded from Hollywood hits.
  • 1-Sep-2004
    US-Pak: Market access unlikely to be increased
    In talks scheduled to be held with the US on September 30, Pakistan is unlikely to succeed in having market access increased or the travel advisory imposed by US after 9/11 removed, a commerce ministry official told Daily Times.
  • 1-Sep-2004
    China-NZ: Opportunities beckon through trade door
    China needs to secure a supply of natural resources and that’s where a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with New Zealand comes in, Chinese Ambassador Chen Mingming says.
  • 1-Sep-2004
    China-Chile FTA talks switched to fast track
    China and Chile are fast-tracking negotiations over the establishment of a free trade agreement (FTA), with the conclusion of feasibility studies to be announced in early October, according to a Chilean diplomat.
  • 1-Sep-2004
    Ambassador Comments on China Trade Deal
    China would secure crucial supplies of natural resources under a proposed free trade agreement with New Zealand, the communist nation’s ambassador said Wednesday.
  • 1-Sep-2004
    FTA with China puts jobs at risk - CTU
    A free trade agreement (FTA) with China puts thousands of manufacturing jobs and the future of the sector at risk, Council of Trade Unions (CTU) president Ross Wilson said yesterday.
  • 1-Sep-2004 Global Peace And Justice Auckland
    Protest against NZ/China FTA: GPJA Press Release
    Global Peace and Justice Auckland are holding a protest outside a business promotion for a New Zealand/China Free Trade Agreement.
  • 1-Sep-2004
    Open source joins electioneering
    Within 24 hours of a federal election being called, Communications and IT minister Helen Coonan has swapped her contentious campaign to offshore government IT services for a warm and fuzzy embrace of home-grown open source software to woo the penguin vote.
  • 1-Sep-2004
    Free Trade Pacts With Central American Allies In 18 Months: Official
    Economic Affairs Vice Minister Chen Ruey-long claimed Thursday that Taiwan will be able to sign free trade agreements (FTAs) with three of its diplomatic allies in the Caribbean and Central America within 18 months. According to Chen, the Ministry of Economic Affairs will launch negotiations with Honduras, the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua in the near term, as arrangements are proceeding smoothly.
  • 1-Sep-2004
    Taiwan-Panama: President Chen Offers to Help Panama Widen Canal
    President Chen Shui-bian said Tuesday he hopes to expand Taiwan’s economic footprint in the Americas through the recently signed free trade agreement (FTA) with Panama and offered to assist with the Central American country’s plan to widen the Panama Canal.
  • 1-Sep-2004 Exporters hope while unions worry
    China-NZ: Exporters hope while unions worry
    While exporters hope a free-trade agreement with China will reduce non-tariff barriers to trade, the union movement worries about jobs.
  • 1-Sep-2004 Call to review bilateral trade deals
    TWN: Call to review bilateral trade deals
    With a deal being struck at the World Trade Organisation on 31 July to revive negotiations, will the move towards bilateral trade agreements slow down?
  • 1-Sep-2004 EU-SA Trade Deal Set for a Tune-Up, Not an Overhaul
    EU-SA trade deal set for a tune-up
    It has been almost five years since SA and the European Union (EU) last sealed a bilateral trade agreement and the current deal comes up for review in November.
  • 1-Sep-2004 Australian IT
    FTA leaves us second among equals
    Access to the US market will be valuable, but Aussie consumers will lose, not gain, from the copyright provisions.
  • 30-Aug-2004
    US ITC report on CAFTA
    U.S.-Central American-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement: Potential Economywide and Selected Sectoral Effects
  • 30-Aug-2004 RP proposes selective FTA with US
    RP proposes selective FTA with US
    The government will try a novel approach in securing a free trade agreement (FTA) with the United States since the US does not believe that the Philippines is ready for a full bilateral FTA.
  • 28-Aug-2004 EU insists on WMD clause in Syria accord -Fischer
    EU insists on WMD clause in Syria accord -Fischer
    The European Union wants to sign a trade and aid pact that may ease Syria’s diplomatic isolation, but only if Damascus agrees to renounce weapons of mass destruction, Germany’s foreign minister said on Saturday.
  • 28-Aug-2004
    Bullying big pharma puts pressure on Australians
    US Trade Representative Robert Zoellick’s warning to Australia that an amended free-trade agreement might conflict with the letter and spirit of the original agreement was prompted by bullying from the American pharmaceuticals industry, according to a US trade adviser.
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