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  • 3-Aug-2004 El TLC estará sobre las leyes nacionales
    Ecuador: El TLC estará sobre las leyes nacionales
    El mapa jurídico del Ecuador también está expuesto en la negociación de un Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC) con Estados Unidos.
  • 2-Aug-2004 Hotline invites views on FTA
    Hotline invites views on US-Bahrein FTA
    People can now have their say on Bahrain’s Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the US.
  • 2-Aug-2004 What’s the big deal?
    What’s the big deal?
    John Garnaut cuts through the politics of the free trade agreement with the United States to find the winners and losers.
  • 2-Aug-2004 Vannessa drops all Las Cristinas Venezuelan appeals
    Vannessa drops all Las Cristinas Venezuelan appeals
    In order to meet the requirements to submit its Las Cristanas dispute to international arbitration, junior explorationist Vanessa Ventures [VV] of Calgary, Alberta, has dropped five appeals to Venezuela’s Supreme Tribunal of Justice.
  • 2-Aug-2004 BIMSTEC Summit Declaration
    BIMSTEC Summit Declaration
    Following is the text of the declaration issued at the conclusion of the first BIMSTEC summit here Saturday
  • 2-Aug-2004 New Asian free trade area up by 2017
    BIMSTEC: New Asian free trade area up by 2017
    Leaders of seven Asian nations at a summit here have endorsed the start of talks for a free trade pact by 2017, with Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra urging them to use their inherent strength to become more than just a ’small blip’ on the world’s radar screen.
  • 2-Aug-2004 Seoul film industry rallies to keep quota
    Seoul film industry rallies to keep quota
    A star-studded film about two brothers caught on opposite sides of the Korean War broke all box-office records here this year.
  • 2-Aug-2004 Free trade beyond the WTO
    ’Free’ trade beyond the WTO
    Welcome to the brave new world of “Free” Trade. This is a world that extends beyond the World Trade Organisation. This may be difficult to comprehend, but the fact of the matter is that global capital, led by the US government, seeks more and more to tread where even the WTO did not.
  • 1-Aug-2004 I Foro Social rechazó los acuerdos de libre comercio
    I Foro Social rechazó los acuerdos de libre comercio
    Concluyó el encuentro hemisférico, pero sin compromisos concretos de los participantes. Desde las organizaciones sociales que analizaron ayer el orden económico predominante en los países americanos salió un no rotundo a cualquier acuerdo de libre comercio bilateral (entre países) como regional (Unión Europea y Comunidad Andina) y una negativa al pago de la deuda externa. Pero faltaron las propuestas alternativas.
  • 30-Jul-2004
    India will review FTA’s, says PM
    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Thursday made his maiden foray into the foreign policy realm by announcing a review of the various Foreign Trade Agreements (FTAs) signed by the previous BJP-led NDA government.
  • 30-Jul-2004
    URGENT: Stay GE-Free: Reject the US-Australia FTA
    If Howard and Bush’s so-called ’free trade’ deal is confirmed by the Australian parliament and senate (WHICH CAN ONLY HAPPEN IF THE ALP VOTES WITH THE GOVERNMENT), genetically engineered crops and foods will be forced down our throats and onto our farms, and our hopes for GE-free Australia will end!!
  • 30-Jul-2004 We will take a re-look at free trade pact with Thailand: PM
    India to take re-look at free trade pact with Thailand
    India will take a hard re-look at the free trade agreement with Thailand which the Vajpayee Government initiated last year.
  • 30-Jul-2004
    Thailand: Govt accused of lying about drugs in FTA Trade pact
    The government lied when it said it would exclude medicines from the list of products included under the prospective freetrade agreement between Thailand and the United States, a seminar was told yesterday.
  • 29-Jul-2004 Advierten presión de Perú para agilizar negociación
    Advierten presión de Perú para agilizar negociación
    Empresarios colombianos y ecuatorianos destacaron ayer el tono de cordialidad y disposición observado en los primeros días de negociación de la tercera ronda en Perú, pero advirtieron la presión que ejerce Perú para agilizar el proceso.
  • 27-Jul-2004 Libya gets go-ahead for WTO talk
    Libya gets go-ahead for WTO talks
    The World Trade Organisation has given the green light for Libya to begin talks on becoming a member. The decision, which received US backing at a meeting in Geneva, is the latest sign of Libya’s rehabilitation in the international community.
  • 27-Jul-2004
    US, Oman sign TIFA, agree to begin FTA negotiations
    The United States and the Gulf state of Oman July 7 signed an agreement aimed at promoting bilateral trade and investment and agreed to begin free trade negotiations later this year.
  • 26-Jul-2004
    Dominican Republic to join proposed US-Central America trade pact
    The Dominican Republic will join a proposed free-trade pact with the United States and five countries of Central America known as CAFTA, US officials said.
  • 26-Jul-2004
    Thailand fails to deliver list of FTA demands
    Thailand has failed to present a list of products it wants the government to remove from the items subject to Japanese import regulations, according to government sources.
  • 26-Jul-2004
    Australia and Malaysia explore FTA
    Australia and Malaysia have paved the way for a free trade agreement between the two countries.
  • 26-Jul-2004
    FTA ’first step to destroying PBS’
    The Medical Journal of Australia, published by the Australian Medical Association, this week carries two articles claiming the free trade agreement (FTA) will undermine the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).
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