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  • 2-Apr-2004 Over 15 FTAs to be concluded worldwide in 2004
    Over 15 FTAs to be concluded worldwide in 2004
    World nations are expected to conclude at least 15 FTAs and to initiate negotiations for more than 10 new FTAs in 2004, the Trade Research Institute (TRI) of Korea International Trade Association (KITA) projected. The TRI also predicted FTA negotiations would be active in American and Asian regions as in 2003.
  • 2-Apr-2004 SADC appoints Botswana to co-ordinate EPA
    SADC appoints Botswana to co-ordinate EPA negotiations
    SADC has appointed Botswana to co-ordinate the first phase of negotiations for an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union.
  • 2-Apr-2004 Bad TRIPS dans le traité de libre-échange États-Unis - Amérique centrale
    Bad TRIPS dans le traité de libre-échange États-Unis - Amérique centrale
    Alors que les débats sur le droit des brevets à l’Organisation mondiale du commerce semblent stagnants, les pays exportateurs de technologie multiplient les traités bilatéraux avec les pays en développement.
  • 30-Mar-2004
    Bombarded by bilateral trade and investment agreements
    Bilateral agreements are made between two countries, or a grouping of countries (like the European Union) and another country. Throughout the world, many governments have signed, are negotiating, or contemplating new bilateral free trade and investment agreements.
  • 30-Mar-2004
    New Zealand-Singapore FTA (2000)
  • 30-Mar-2004
    US-Jordan FTA
  • 30-Mar-2004
    US-Singapore FTA
  • 30-Mar-2004
    US-Vietnam FTA
  • 30-Mar-2004 Trade Compliance Center
    US-Czech BIT (2004)
  • 30-Mar-2004
    Assessment of Morocco’s Technical Assistance Needs in Negotiating and Implementing a Free Trade Agreement with the United States
    The purpose of this USAID-funded Trade Capacity-Building (TCB) Needs Assessment is to identify Morocco’s trade-related needs and prioritize among those needs as part of a technical assistance strategy to be considered by the Government of Morocco, USAID, other U.S. Government agencies, and other development donor organizations in Morocco.
  • 30-Mar-2004 U.S.-Taiwan Free Trade Agreement Would Have Limited Impact
    US-Taiwan FTA would have limited impact
    A report released October 21 by the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) concludes that a free trade arrangement between the United States and Taiwan would likely have a "very small" impact on the overall U.S. economy, but trade flows for certain trade sectors would probably "increase substantially."
  • 29-Mar-2004
    Trade agreements: Govt ups pressure to win new pacts
    The government yesterday announced a proactive policy thrust to reach comprehensive free trade agreements with the United States of America, Japan and China.
  • 29-Mar-2004
    Costa Rica may derail US free trade plans
    As befits a man whose very surnames are enough to conjure up images of Latin American radicalism, Fabio Chaves Castro is threatening to derail an ambitious plan to open up trade between the United States and the five small republics of Central America.
  • 29-Mar-2004
    Bilateral free trade costlier than WTO
    The option of forging separate bilateral free-trade agreements (FTAs) with various countries could put the Philippines at a tighter disadvantage than it presently is under the World Trade Organization (WTO), government negotiators and economic experts admitted.
  • 28-Mar-2004
    FTA Would Hurt Thais, Expert Warns
    A free trade agreement with the United States would lead to a broader application of intellectual property rights that could hurt Thais — from farmers to internet users — an expert has warned.
  • 28-Mar-2004
    Text of South Asian Free Trade Area (Safta) accord
    Following is the text of Agreement on South Asian Free Trade Area (Safta) signed at the 12th Saarc Summit, concluded here on Tuesday: Agreement on South Asian Free Trade Area (SAFTA)
  • 27-Mar-2004
    Thailand starts touchy free trade talks with US
    A large Thai delegation led by Commerce Minister Watana Muangsook yesterday opened crucial preliminary talks in Washington aimed at reaching a free trade agreement (FTA) with the United States by the end of the year.
  • 27-Mar-2004
    Senators want to screen FTA deals
    A group of senators yesterday called for the government to seek parliamentary approval before signing any more free-trade agreements (FTAs).
  • 27-Mar-2004
    Government spokesman deplores false ideas about free-trade agreement with USA
    Morocco’s communication minister, Nabil Benabdellah, deplored on Thursday the "false ideas being circulated" about the free-trade agreement (FTA) that Morocco is currently negotiating with the USA.
  • 27-Mar-2004 US Embassy, Rabat, Morocco
    U.S.-Morocco FTA: Michael Koplovsky, Economic Counselor, U.S. Embassy, Rabat, Morocco
    You are conducting your sister city partnership during an extremely timely week, for it was just days ago that the United States and Morocco elevated their already robust and vibrant bilateral relationship to a new level by completing a bilateral free trade agreement.
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