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  • 26-Jul-2004 AFP
    M’sia to assess free trade deal prospects with Australia
    Australia and Malaysia will examine the possibility of a free trade agreement today at a meeting of senior government officials, Trade Minister Mark Vaile’s office said.
  • 26-Jul-2004 Des americains piratent une invention marocaine
    Des americains piratent une invention marocaine
    On se rappelle qu’à l’occasion des négociations de l’accord de libre-échange avec les USA, les opérateurs et parlementaires américains ont souvent mis l’accent sur le piratage et la protection de la propriété intellectuelle.
  • 26-Jul-2004
    La propiedad intelectual, tema clave en inicio de tercera ronda del TLC
    Expertos aseguran que el costo de los plaguicidas puede subir si este tema no se discute adecuadamente.
  • 26-Jul-2004 Colombia endurece posición con EEUU en protección al agro y propiedad intelectual
    Colombia endurece posición con EEUU en protección al agro y propiedad intelectual
    Colombia endureció su posición frente a la exigencia estadounidense de eliminar mecanismos de protección al agro, y en el tema de la propiedad intelectual y señaló que no discutirá esos asuntos en la negociación del Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC), cuya tercera ronda se inicia el lunes en Perú.
  • 26-Jul-2004
    CUT: Por qué decimos No al TLC
    El 1° de junio de 2004 en la 92ª reunión de la OIT, el señor Juan Somavía, Director General de la misma, a propósito de la presentación del informe por la dimensión social de la globalización, manifestó
  • 25-Jul-2004 Bilateral Treaties Undermine Rights
    Bilateral Treaties Undermine Rights
    Bilateral trade treaties have hit stormy waters in recent weeks, drawing criticism from French President Jacques Chirac, a leading world economist and human rights groups alike.
  • 24-Jul-2004 Morocco gets US free trade deal
    Morocco gets US free trade deal
    A free trade agreement between Morocco and the United States has come into immediate effect.
  • 22-Jul-2004
    Tridge fears FTA patent war
    One of Australia’s most recognised Linux developers, Dr Andrew Tridgell, has attacked the proposed Australia-US Free Trade Agreement (FTA), claiming it could pit local open source developers against Microsoft in a "patent war".
  • 21-Jul-2004
    Australian Senate urged to block the FTA
    Leading unions, doctors and welfare groups are urging the Senate to block the free trade agreement with the United States.
  • 21-Jul-2004
    FTA: Empowers the rich and weakens the poor
    The beginning of the nineties is defined by President Bush (Senior)’s call to establish a united continent for free trade. All countries will become rich by liberalizing their markets. The FTAAs will be a miracle.
  • 21-Jul-2004 How US is Turning Aids Into Big Business
    How US is turning AIDS into big business
    The reason for President Museveni’s renewed vigour to support US ideologies in the battle against HIV/Aids is becoming clearer after Bangkok, Thailand.
  • 21-Jul-2004
    Taiwan: US trade envoy to examine IPR progress
    Charles Freeman, assistant US trade representative for China affairs, is scheduled to meet officials at the Ministry of Economic Affairs today, marking the first trade talks between the two countries since October 2002, a government official said yesterday.
  • 21-Jul-2004
    A debate about more than trade
    It would be easy to dismiss the hesitation we see in Congress over the Bush administration’s proposed free trade agreement (FTA) with Morocco as just another chapter in the ongoing debate between free traders and protectionists.
  • 21-Jul-2004
    TLC: Ricos poderosos y pobres débiles
    El inicio de la década de los noventa se caracteriza, en América, por la convocatoria que hace el presidente Bush -padre- para constituir una unidad continental de libre comercio.
  • 20-Jul-2004
    FTA BACKLASH: Farmers petition the King
    A leading farming group says it has petitioned His Majesty the King to call on the government to withdraw milk and dairy products from Thailand’s free-trade agreement (FTA) with Australia.
  • 20-Jul-2004
    Philippines: Market access for fruits sought in FTA with Japan
    The Department of Agriculture will work for a better market for tropical vegetables in a proposed Philippines-Japan free trade agreement (FTA) as Japan is believed to be more inclined to favor tropical vegetables grown by small farmers over tropical fruits grown by multinational companies that already widely dominate its market.
  • 20-Jul-2004 The disease of the day: Acute treatyitis
    The disease of the day: Acute treatyitis
    The efforts to establish global and regional ‘free trade’ agreements have met with considerable resistance. People around the world suffering the effects of so-called free trade have steadily built a movement to reject the dominant economic model.
  • 19-Jul-2004
    FTA BACKLASH: Trade talk details to be revealed
    Criticism of the free-trade agreement signed with Australia earlier this month has prompted the Commerce Ministry to set up a committee to monitor impacts.
  • 19-Jul-2004
    Free trade with Malaysia chokes on car protection
    Japan plans to ask Malaysia to abandon protection of its domestic car industry during free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations this week, government sources have said.
  • 19-Jul-2004
    Why Latham should reject the FTA
    This so-called free trade agreement is a humiliating sell-out, says Tim Colebatch.
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