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  • 12-mai-2004 El Tratado bilateral de Colombia con Estados Unidos y el autoritarismo
    El Tratado bilateral de Colombia con Estados Unidos y el autoritarismo
    El gobierno de Uribe se obstina en iniciar la negociación de un tratado bilateral de libre comercio con Estados Unidos, si es que se puede llamar negociación la secuencia de rondas que en el breve lapso de un año atará el futuro de la economía colombiana
  • 12-mai-2004
    Peru and Ecuador to join Colombia in May launch of FTA Negotiations with the US
    The United States announced today that Peru and Ecuador will join with Colombia in the first round of negotiations on a U.S.-Andean Free Trade Agreement (FTA) scheduled for May 18-19.
  • 12-mai-2004
    Text : Framework Agreement For India-Thailand FTA
  • 12-mai-2004 US & Pakistan sign TIFA
    US & Pakistan sign TIFA
    U.S. Trade Representative Robert B. Zoellick and Pakistan Minister of Finance Shaukat Aziz signed an agreement today that provides a forum for Pakistan and the United States to examine ways to expand bilateral trade and investment.
  • 11-mai-2004 ALCA/IIRSA, Plan Colombia y el Eje de Desarrollo Occidental
    ALCA/IIRSA, Plan Colombia y el Eje de Desarrollo Occidental
    El Tratado de Libre Comercio para América del Norte (TLCAN, enero 1994), el Área de Libre Comercio para las Américas (ALCA, diciembre 1994), el Plan Colombia (1999), la Integración de la Infraestructura Regional Suramericana (IIRSA, septiembre 2000) y el Plan Puebla Panamá (PPP, marzo 2001) son distintos elementos estructurantes de la política hegemónica de los Estados Unidos para las Américas y el Caribe.
  • 11-mai-2004 Food, Trade And US Power Politics In Latin America
    Food, Trade And US Power Politics In Latin America
    The difference between what Bush officials say to Congress and the pap they feed foreign audiences makes interesting reading for anyone trying to figure out US government rhetoric on Latin America.
  • 11-mai-2004 Trade Policy Advisory Committee system
    About the US government’s Trade Policy Advisory Committee system
    The U.S. Congress established the private sector advisory committee system in 1974 to ensure that U.S. trade policy and trade negotiation objectives adequately reflect U.S. commercial and economic interests.
  • 11-mai-2004
    Panama Proposal Is One of Many : Onslaught of FTAs Threatens U.S. Sugar Industry
    A representative of the American sugar industry cautioned the Office of the United States Trade Representative today that a proposed trade agreement with Panama cannot be viewed in isolation.
  • 11-mai-2004
    US trade negotiations in the 108th Congress
    The Bush Administration has made bilateral and regional free-trade agreements (FTAs) more important elements of U.S. trade policy, a strategy known as “competitive liberalization.” This strategy is designed to push forward trade liberalization simultaneously on bilateral, regional and multilateral fronts.
  • 11-mai-2004
    Intensifying Free Trade Negotiating Agenda Calls for Better Allocation of Staff and Resources
    US Government Accounting Office’s January 2004 assessment of US’s FTA negotiating plans and whether it has the means to carry them out.
  • 11-mai-2004 Parliamentary OK for trade pacts
    T&T : Parliamentary OK for trade pacts
    Trinidad & Tobago’s Constitution has to remove from the Executive the power to make unilateral decisions on trade and investment.
  • 11-mai-2004 PNAC Paper : A US-Taiwan Free Trade Agreement
    PNAC Paper : A US-Taiwan Free Trade Agreement
    A review, published by the right-wing Project for a New American Century, of reasons why the US should go into an FTA with Taiwan.
  • 11-mai-2004 Critics Sound Alarm in Free Trade Talks with U.S.
    Critics Sound Alarm in Free Trade Talks with U.S.
    The Thai government is facing a growing chorus of outrage over its plans to ink a free trade agreement (FTA) with the United States by next year.
  • 11-mai-2004
    Dhaka needs bilateral FTAs to get maximum from Safta says commerce minister
    Bangladesh needs bilateral free trade agreements (FTAs) with major south Asian nations to get maximum trade benefits from South Asian Free Trade Area (Safta), Commerce Minister Amir Khosru Mahmud Chowdhury said yesterday.
  • 11-mai-2004 Govt aiming to expand scope of free trade agreements
    Japan aiming to expand scope of free trade agreements
    The government has decided to expand the scope of its free trade agreement negotiations with several Asian countries, including South Korea, Thailand and Malaysia, aiming to conclude comprehensive economic partnership agreements (EPAs), government officials said Wednesday.
  • 11-mai-2004
    Dhaka, Delhi agree to map out product standards
    India and Bangladesh have agreed on a time-bound programme to recognise each other’s certification of commodities like food products, agro-products, textiles and leather, in a bid to remove a major non-tariff barrier in bilateral trade.
  • 11-mai-2004
    Drugs May Tie Up FTAs
    Disagreements over trade in pharmaceuticals may bog down pending free trade agreements between the U.S. and foreign nations.
  • 11-mai-2004
    Thailand : Calls for rethink on privatisation, FTAs
    The Thaksin government should rethink its privatisation and free-trade agreement (FTA) policies, and any such plans should go through public hearings or a national referendum, a panel of speakers at a labour seminar said yesterday.
  • 11-mai-2004
    Government Procurement - Under Construction
    Government Procurement - Under Construction
  • 11-mai-2004 Asia-Europe Dialogue
    Analysis : Laser-Guided Liberalization and Latin America
    While the US military unleashed laser-guided weapons of mass destruction on the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan, the Bush Administration’s aggressive international trade and investment agenda has developed some “smart bombs” of its own.
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