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  • 11-mai-2004 ALCA/IIRSA, Plan Colombia y el Eje de Desarrollo Occidental
    FTAAs/IIRSA, Plan Colombia and the Axis of Western Development
    The North American Free Trade Treaty (NAFTA, Jan 1994), the Free Trade Area for the Americas (FTAAs, December 1994), Plan Colombia (1999), the Regional Integration of Infrastructure in South America (RIISA, September 2000) and the Plan Puebla Panamá (PPP, March 2001) are the building blocks of the US hegemonic policy for the Americas and the Caribbean.
  • 11-mai-2004
    Korea : Employers Concerned About FTA With Japan
    The Federation of Korean Industries (FKI) on Friday proposed that the government take a cautious approach to the ongoing Korea-Japan free trade agreement (FTA) talks, demanding a delay of in the schedule for cutting tariffs on Japanese imports.
  • 11-mai-2004
    SAFTA Is On Track, But FTA...?
    When the seven SAARC members signed the free trade agreement (SAFTA) in January 2004, there was some scepticism regarding its progress and implementation, given that SAARC itself had been mired under inter-state tensions.
  • 11-mai-2004 ZNet
    Operation enduring free trade : War, the Middle East and Bush’s bilateral free trade and investment crusade
    While US forces bombed, murdered and maimed their way to "freedom" and "democracy" in Falluja and across Iraq, George Bush reiterated his vision for the Middle East to the US public on April 13th, 2004
  • 11-mai-2004 Channel News Asia
    US and Malaysia sign TIFA
    The United States and Malaysia have signed an agreement to set up a special forum to address trade issues, Washington’s fifth such pact with export-driven Southeast Asian nations.
  • 11-mai-2004 U.S. and Colombia to Begin FTA Negotiations on May 18
    US and Colombia to Begin FTA Negotiations on 18 May 2004
    Following meetings between President Bush and Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, the United States and Colombia announced today that free trade negotiations between the two countries, and possibly other Andean countries, will begin May 18-19. U.S.
  • 7-mai-2004 SIDSnet
    PICTA, PACER and EPAs : Where are we going ?
    It has been a relatively easy matter for Pacific Islands Country (PIC) governments to sign regional trade agreements such as PICTA (Pacific Island Countries Trade Agreement - excluding Australia and New Zealand) and PACER (Pacific Agreement for Closer Economic Relations - including Australia and NZ.)
  • 5-mai-2004 US pushes for all-embracing free trade pact with Thailand
    US pushes for all-embracing free trade pact with Thailand
    US business groups pushed for a comprehensive free trade agreement with Thailand, including quota-free sugar imports opposed by American farmers and a Thai guarantee to weed out corruption.
  • 5-mai-2004
    Cabinet urged to approve FTA talks with US
    The Commerce Ministry will seek Cabinet approval tomorrow to kick off formal talks with the United States on striking a comprehensive pact on bilateral free trade.
  • 30-avr-2004
    FTA teams to take cautious approach
    Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has decided not to rush into free trade agreements (FTAs) due to the rise of strong opposition, a trade negotiator said yesterday.
  • 27-avr-2004
    China, Chile to launch FTA feasibility study
    Visiting Chinese Vice Premier Hui Liangyu and Chilean Foreign Minister Soledad Alvear declared Friday that their countries will soon launch a feasibility study on a free trade agreement (FTA) between them.
  • 27-avr-2004
    Laissez Unfaire
    At the risk of destroying local industry, India has to tread the free trade pact route.
  • 27-avr-2004
    Moroccans unsettled by free-trade deal with US
    The debate over the bilateral free-trade agreement (FTA) signed March 2 between Morocco and the US took the Moroccan national scene by storm. Never did the choice of a foreign commercial policy generate such a controversial reaction in the Moroccan public opinion.
  • 27-avr-2004
    Accords need House approval
    Prime Minister Thaksin says he can "differentiate between Hell and Heaven." That is well and good, but I don’t think he can apply his personal thinking to matters concerning the best interests of the country and the public at large.
  • 27-avr-2004
    FTA talks with US to start in June
    Washington has made another step toward the Thai-US free trade area by convincing its Bangkok counterparts that the first round of negotiations can start in the next three months.
  • 27-avr-2004
    Free trade worries at Nadi meeting
    Nadi - There has not been enough public discussion on the creation of a Pacific free trade area, Fiji interest groups said yesterday. The issue was led by Stanley Simpson, of the Pacific Network on Globalisation (PANG).
  • 26-avr-2004
    MierScope : FTA with the US makes good sense
    A US-Malaysia FTA will demand strong obligations from Malaysia. It will push us towards greater liberalisation. Complain as we may that such an FTA will be an instrument of economic imperialism, it will not be pragmatic to deny it.
  • 26-avr-2004
    Can We Do A Deal With China ?
    Dairy, meat and forestry exporters stand to gain the most if the government cuts a free trade deal with China and its market of 1.3 billion people.
  • 26-avr-2004
    Proposal with the US to be highlighted
    The government will spend 10 million baht this year on advertisements to inform the public about the benefits of free trade area (FTA) agreements, in particular the one proposed between Thailand and the United States.
  • 26-avr-2004
    Reassess free trade agreements
    Recent experience with the implementation the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) Free Trade Area Agreement effectively illustrates how Pacific leaders sign regional and international agreements without adequate consultation and assessment at national and local level.
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