Harsh sentencing of Aymara leader reveals the politics of criminalization in Peru

27-Jul-2017Intercontinental Cry This past month, eighteen Aymara community leaders endured the final stages of a trial that had them facing up to 28 years in prison and massive fines for their alleged roles in the 2011 ‘Aymarazo’ protests against the Santa Ana silver mine on the Peru-Bolivia border.

Key issues

The king is dead, long live the king: the EU and the future of investor-state dispute settlement

26-Jul-2017 Volterra FiettaThe data lead to the inexorable conclusion that the European Commission’s declaration that “investment treaty arbitration is dead” is wrong by a ratio of over 1:3,000.

Texts of agreements

21-Jul-2017  | EU-Mexico FTA - EU text proposals (July 2017) All texts as available as of 18 July 2017
14-Jul-2017  | EU-Japan FTA - draft chapters (July 2017) 19 draft chapters, as released by the European Commission
28-Jun-2017  | EU-Japan - mandate (Jul 2012) As leaked by Greenpeace (in German)
28-Jun-2017  | EU-Japan FTA - draft chapters (Jan 2016 - Jan 2017) 14 draft chapters, as leaked by Greenpeace


11-Jul-2017  Philip Morris: Tobacco giant ordered to compensate Australia
Craig Welch: The words "When that bid failed" suggest that the ISDS case was not launched until the High Court decision was handed down. In fact, the ISDS
4-Jul-2017  Pakistan rejects proposal to ink 2nd free trade agreement with China
Zamir Awan: In the 1 st FTA in 2006, it was almost unilateral, all concessions were for China. Pakistan suffered a huge imbalance of trade as a result. We
3-Jul-2017  RCEP: el acuerdo de libre comercio que lidera China en respuesta al TPP
Jose Quinteros: Una oprtunidad que se abre a muchos países a integrar un gran mercado que les permitirá un desarrollo sustentable a cada país y en función de sus