Call for proposals: Women interrogating trade & corporate hegemony feminist participatory action research (WITCH FPAR) 2019-2020 (deadline: 30 April)

APWLD invites grassroots women rights movements to take part in this project that aims to develop capacity, tools and resources by women movements against neoliberal trade and investment regimes. Click here for more info.


RCEP - trade unions seek consultation by the government

24-Apr-2019Malaysia Kini Trade union representatives seek meaningful consultation by the government in the negotiations of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement or RCEP.

Key issues

How trade agreements stand in the way of an international green new deal

23-Apr-2019 In These TimesTo reduce emissions abroad, the US must renegotiate its trade agreements.

Texts of agreements

18-Apr-2019  | EU-US FTA: EU negotiating mandates (Apr 2019) As agreed by the European Council
31-Mar-2019  | Australia - Hong Kong investment agreement As released by the Australian Government
7-Mar-2019  | Indonesia-Australia FTA text As released by Government of Australia
1-Mar-2019  | US-UK FTA: Summary of specific negotiating objectives (US, Feb 2019) As released by the Office of the US Trade Representative


18-Mar-2019  Why free trade is bad for you (or most of you at any rate)
fernando de mateo: Surely countries that restrict trade like Brazil (yeah, the most closed country in the world just after North Korea), South Africa (not as
15-Mar-2019  Politique de confidentialitéconcernant les cookies
bilateraux: Bonjour, le texte précise: "Les cookies sont gérés dans les paramètres de votre navigateur, où vous pouvez les désactiver."
14-Mar-2019  Venezuela must pay Conoco over $8 billion: World Bank
Willot: "The World Bank ruled"? Please check facts and figures. Such title diminishes unfortunately the credibility of the