Leaked TTIP documents cast doubt on EU-US trade deal

1-May-2016The Guardian Greenpeace says internal documents show US attempts to lower or circumvent EU protection for environment and public health.

Key issues

Disaster capitalism: Ecuador forced to pay US oil giant $ 180M

30-Apr-2016 Tele SurThe Ecuadorean government is being forced to use money that could go toward relief efforts to instead pay off a multinational oil company.

Texts of agreements

22-Apr-2016  | RCEP - draft investment chapter (October 2015) As leaked by KEI
21-Apr-2016  | RCEP IP Chapter (October 15, 2015 version) As published by KEI
21-Mar-2016  | EU-US FTA (TTIP) - draft regulatory cooperation chapter (EU proposal, February 2016) As released by the European Commission


1-May-2016  ICSID and Latin America: Criticisms, withdrawals and regional alternatives
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23-Apr-2016  Europe’s regulations at risk
Hanns-Peter: All is well thought, but money makes the world go round - money of a minority. And they make the rules.
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Silvia Rodriguez Cervantes: El artículo quedó cortado.... me quede esperando mas sobre como el TPP hace que los indígenas no controlen mas sus semillas, al igual que la