Nationwide public meetings on the TPPA-11
New Zealand, 12-22 February 2018
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Asia-Europe People’s Forum
Jakarta, 18-22 February 2018
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March against TPP11
Santiago, Chile, 7 March 2018 at 7pm
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Declaración – Rechazamos el avance de las negociaciones del Tratado de Libre Comercio Mercosur-Unión Europea

23-Feb-2018Asamblea Argentina mejor sin TLC ¡NO queremos este Tratado y, no queremos ningún Tratado de Libre Comercio! Desde la Asamblea Argentina mejor sin TLC manifestamos nuestro rechazo a las negociaciones para firmar un Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC) entre los países del Mercosur y la Unión Europea.

Key issues

Red tape in the meat industry? It’s the difference between life and death

23-Feb-2018 The GuardianWithout regulations that scrutinise food standards and trade deals, we cannot trust the safety of the food on our plates.

Texts of agreements

7-Feb-2018  | EU-Chile FTA: EU proposals (Jan 2018) As released by the European Commission
19-Jan-2018  | EU-MERCOSUR FTA: Goods draft chapter (Nov 2017) EU-MERCOSUR FTA draft goods chapter from November 2017
19-Jan-2018  | EU-MERCOSUR FTA: Rules of origin draft text (Nov 2017) EU-MERCOSUR FTA draft rules of origin text from November 2017
19-Jan-2018  | EU-MERCOSUR FTA: Product-specific draft agrifood rules (Nov 2017) EU-MERCOSUR FTA draft product-specific agrifood rules from November 2017


1-Feb-2018  CETA, regulatory cooperation and food safety
DIDIER Pierre: Unless the CETA brings Canadians aiming at a market of 512 million consumers (instead of 32 million Canadians) to upgrade their
30-Jan-2018  EU-Mercosur FTA: draft chapters (July 2017)
Luciana: It is great that we have this info now! thanks!
24-Jan-2018  FTAs are handled in very unprofessional manner in Sri Lanka
Jagath: Ministry of Development Strategies and International Trade has not conduct any feasibility study or an impact assessment of any of these FTAs.