Chile - Razones para rechazar el TPP-11: Derechos y leyes laborales

25-Mar-2019Chile Mejor sin TLC Estas razones hacen innegable la necesidad de rechazar el CPTPP y hacen extremadamente peligroso que el gobierno de Chile busque hoy aprobar un tratado de tan nefastas consecuencias mediante la vía rápida y sin permitir una discusión seria y responsable.

Key issues

Korea’s agriculture deficit grows under FTAs

15-Mar-2019 Korea HeraldSouth Korea has actively promoted its agricultural products in overseas markets over the past few years by holding K-food fairs. Nonetheless, data show that Korea has yet to resolve its chronic trade deficit in farm products.

Texts of agreements

7-Mar-2019  | Indonesia-Australia FTA text As released by Government of Australia
1-Mar-2019  | US-UK FTA: Summary of specific negotiating objectives (US, Feb 2019) As released by the Office of the US Trade Representative
11-Feb-2019  | EU-New Zealand FTA: NZ proposals (November 2018) As released by the Government of New Zealand
21-Jan-2019  | EU-US FTA: EU draft negotiating mandates (Jan 2019) As released by the European Commission


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