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A strong sub-regional grouping in the making | 22-December-2005

As a new sub-regional group, the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) is making its presence felt in this part of the world.

Rice gets in way of FTA deal | 22-December-2005

Thailand said it had refused to sign a trade agreement between South Korea and ASEAN, insisting that rice be included on the list of goods facing tariff cuts.

Accord de libre-échange : le Maroc introduit ses «exceptions culturelles» | 22-December-2005

Les députés ont examiné et adopté un projet de loi relatif à la propriété industrielle au sein de la commission des secteurs productifs de la Chambre des représentants.

Pakistan: FTAs with 4 states likely in 2005-06 | 22-December-2005

China, Malaysia, Thailand and Turkey have agreed to separately sign Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with Pakistan preferably during the current fiscal year.

Japan pushes for trade accord with GCC states | 22-December-2005

Japanese Ambassador to Bahrain, Takao Natsume, said his government has proposed an FTA to GCC governments but has yet to schedule the beginning of negotiations. "The main stumbling blocks with previous free trade agreements we have been involved in were in the area of agriculture and since the GCC countries are not huge agriculture producers, we don’t see this as a problem here," he said.

Govt proposes to begin talks with GCC on FTA | 22-December-2005

The Indian government proposes to initiate negotiations with the Gulf Cooperation Council to conclude a free trade agreement (FTA), Lok Sabha was informed on Wednesday.

Egypt and Turkey to sign free trade agreement | 22-December-2005

Egyptian Minister of Foreign Trade and Industry, Rasheed Mohammed Rasheed, said a free trade agreement will be signed by Egypt and Turkey during next week’s visit of Turkish President Ahmet Necdet Sezer to Cairo.

Legislature ratifies Taiwan-Guatemala free trade agreement | 22-December-2005

The Legislative Yuan on Tuesday ratified the Taiwan-Guatemala free trade agreement (FTA), which will now take effect Jan. 1, 2006 as scheduled.

Chine, Thailand to wipe out trade obstables | 22-December-2005

Thailand and China have begun a joint meeting in the former’s northern city of Chiang Rai to strengthen ties and wipe out trade obstacles, hoping to increase bilateral trade under the free trade area (FTA) framework.

Área de Libre Comercio de las Américas: Un fallecimiento a tiempo | 21-December-2005

El escenario estaba puesto para una confrontación de fuerzas. Cuando el gabinete de Bush anunció sus intenciones de revivir la moribunda Área de Libre Comercio de las Américas en la Cuarta Cumbre de las Américas en Mar del Plata, los países de Mercosur cerraron filas para evitarlo. Lo que siguió fue un jaloneo diplomático que refleja no tanto divisiones en América Latina, sino más bien una creciente resistencia al modelo actual de libre comercio por todo el mundo en desarrollo

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    Guatemalan court suspends "Monsanto Law" | 25-October-2014
    Jan Yttereng: Monsato should ask themselves why they sell seeds. Is it because the seeds are used to reproduce and multiply itself? Monsato may have patented the original seed, but I don't see how they have patented what happens next? Did they invent growing ...
    Guatemalan court suspends "Monsanto Law" | 25-October-2014
    Chris Clark: Anton, if you look up the term 'psychopaths', you will find a large part of the answer to your question.
    Guatemalan court suspends "Monsanto Law" | 25-October-2014
    Jean Vidler: Those marketeers in Monsanto who claimed that GM seeds would help end world hunger ... remember all that? Monsanto the monster, a company without a conscience.
    Guatemalan court suspends "Monsanto Law" | 25-October-2014
    Xainah: Do not back down, ever. Be in this fight until the end.
    Guatemalan court suspends "Monsanto Law" re: growing unauthorised seed | 24-October-2014
    Ian M: "Should a GE seed germinate, as a result of being wind blown, on a neighbouring farm that has not brought growing GM plants the farmer on whose land the wind blown seed landed on is deemed to have broken the law by growing unauthorised seed&quo ...
    Guatemalan court suspends "Monsanto Law" re: growing unauthorised seed | 24-October-2014
    Ian M: Could said farmer not countersue for trepass/pollution of his land?
    Guatemalan court suspends "Monsanto Law" | 23-October-2014
    Hannie Reijndersa: Monsanto destroy the world, nature, the water , flora, animals, and people are poisoned
    Kenya: Why we got a raw deal in EPA | 23-October-2014
    sam: Please be kind to your citizens who may not know the facts by being factual on all your observations. Let us build our economy and rely on the African continent for our markets , the EU will not be supportive, they have never been and will never be, ...

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