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Oficial: TLC con EUA no iniciará en enero | 29-December-2005

Honduras anunció ayer oficialmente que no podrá incorporarse el 1 de enero al Tratado de Libre Comercio entre Estados Unidos, Centroamérica y República Dominicana, Cafta, como estaba previsto.

Ecuador quiere detalles sobre TLC de Perú con EE.UU. | 29-December-2005

El equipo negociador de Ecuador del Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC) andino con Estados Unidos anunció hoy que busca el mecanismo para conocer detalles sobre el acuerdo firmado al respecto entre Perú y Estados Unidos en noviembre

Malawi, Mozambique to sign bilateral trade accord | 29-December-2005

Mozambique and Malawi are to liberalise trade between the two countries, under a preferential trade agreement to be signed on Wednesday, trade and industry ministry officials said here Tuesday.

Talks on EHP with Thailand in Feb | 29-December-2005

Pakistan and Thailand will hold second round of study group meeting in
February next to pave the way for initiation of talks on the early harvest programme
(EHP) leading to zero rate of duty.

Trade liberalisation without co-operation a no-no | 29-December-2005

William Jefferson Clinton once said that “the opposition to globalisation in the world is rooted in people who feel left out, left behind and stepped on in other countries.” Apparently, having accepted our status as doormats, the developing world has once again sent our highest authorities to the other end of the world to continue to hammer out a trade deal that maintains our city-mouse/country-mouse dynamic.

Government insists it met with Free Trade requirements | 29-December-2005

The Dominican government reiterated today that the country “met the requirements” and “is ready” to enter the Free Trade Agreement with Central America and the United States (DR-CAFTA), but that it decided to postpone entering free trade until next July.

Trade under Safta from Jan in doldrums | 28-December-2005

With three days left to meet the deadline, the trade under South Asia Free Trade Agreement (Safta) among the Saarc counties from January 1, next year is in doldrums as Sri Lanka says it will ratify Safta draft some time in April next year.

KCCI urges Bangladesh to sign free trade agreement | 28-December-2005

Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) asked the Bangladesh to materialize the signing of agreed Free Trade Agreement (FTA) without any further loss of time.

Free trade agreements: Impact on US trade and implications for US trade policy | 28-December-2005

FTAs are now a significant U.S. trade policy tool. Their rapid emergence raises
some important policy issues for the US Congress as it considers implementing
legislation and monitors negotiations as part of its oversight responsibilities.

Kamal Nath wants FM to correct inverted duty under Thai FTA | 27-December-2005

India’s department of industrial policy and promotion has asked the finance ministry to correct the inverted duty structure on a few product lines under the India-Thailand free trade agreement (FTA).

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