Indonesia and Australian complete 7th economic partnership round

30-May-2017Indonesia Expat The main issues discussed during the round included trade — including the origin of goods, customs procedures and trade facilitations — investment, electronic trade, business competition and institutional framework provisions.

Key issues

Informe: Evaluación y alternativas al CIADI

29-May-2017 CELAGLa eliminación de las obligaciones inaceptables que representa el CIADI es imprescindible para un país que quiera avanzar en el control soberano y democrático de las actividades empresariales multinacionales en aras del desarrollo socioeconómico y el respeto a los derechos humanos.

Texts of agreements

18-May-2017  | Mercosur: Protocolo de cooperación y facilitación de inversiones (abril 2017) Publicado por el Ministerio de Economía y Finanzas, Uruguay
11-May-2017  | Morocco - Nigeria BIT (2016)
11-Apr-2017  | EU-Mercosur FTA - draft chapter on transparency (EU proposal, Mar 2017) As released by the European Commission


25-May-2017  Ecuador withdraws from its remaining investment treaties
Helena Peltonen: Congratulation Ecuador! This has been a great study with a great result and will certainly serve as an example for many other countries. This
23-May-2017  ’TPP 11’ make show of unity, but members remain far apart
jennifer feij: I cannot help but feel delighted that these big trading agreements are loosing their grip on members. Looking at the big picture its astonishing
17-May-2017  Globalization not equal to oligarchy
Yrjö Rosten: Attac is a movement for promoting a global transaction tax. How can anyone call it anti-globalization, as it is quite the opposite of