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¿Qué está pasando en Cartagena? | 22-September-2005

Comienzan las actividades paralelas del movimiento social

CONAIE anticipa que si el gobierno de Ecuador firma el TLC debe hacer maletas | 22-September-2005

La Confederación de Nacionalidades Indígenas del Ecuador CONAIE y la Campaña Ecuatoriana de lucha en contra del ALCA-TLC, representadas en la ciudad colombiana de Cartagena por el dirigente Rafael Pandam, anticipó que «si Alfredo Palacio firma el TLC debe aprestarse a despedirse del gobierno».

Declaración de parlamentarios, congresistas y legisladores de Colombia, Ecuador, Perú y Bolivia frente al TLC | 22-September-2005

Van más de un año y once rondas de negociaciones del Tratado de Libre
Comercio (TLC) andino con Estados Unidos, proceso en el que se ha
confirmado la intransigencia de los EE.UU. ante temas extremadamente
sensibles para las economías de nuestras naciones y la falta de firmeza de
los negociadores gubernamentales andinos.

Ecuador: pueblo respondió a consulta del TLC | 22-September-2005

Luego de superado los obstáculos provocados por la Policía Nacional, se inició a las 09H00 la consulta popular simbólica sobre el Tratado de Libre Comercio, TLC, convocado por las organizaciones indígenas campesinas, que integran la Mesa Agaria, FENOCIN, CONFUENASSC y FENACLE, Foro Urbano y otras organizaciones sociales

La penúltima Ronda en Cartagena | 22-September-2005

El optimismo oficial sobre una pronta firma del TLC contrasta con la
creciente crítica y oposición al mismo. Mientras que el gobierno de Uribe
está dispuesto a protocolizar el sacrificio de la industria nacional en
Cartagena, Estados Unidos quiere apoderarse de la totalidad del mercado
colombiano, no ha ofrecido nada en materia de acceso de los textiles
colombianos a su mercado y conserva estos como rehenes hasta que Colombia
haga las últimas concesiones en la próxima ronda de Washington

American Business Council welcomes FTA with US | 22-September-2005

Welcoming the signing of the Free Trade Agreement between the US and the UAE, Anis Nassar, president of the American Business Council in Dubai said the move would help increase the economical potential of the Emirates.

Philippines seeks sector-specific FTA with US | 22-September-2005

The Philippine government is pushing for a sector specific free trade agreement (FTA) with the US starting off with the garments sector to immediately take advantage of a duty-free privilege for garment exports and strengthen its presence in the US, the country’s biggest garment market.

Talks between US, Andean countries in final stretch | 22-September-2005

Trade negotiators and officials in Colombia, where the 12th round of negotiations of a free trade agreement between the United States and Colombia, Peru and Ecuador is taking place Monday through Friday, say the talks are moving ahead smoothly.

Resist external forces, trade bodies urged | 22-September-2005

Regional trade integration bodies must stand together and prevent outside forces like the European Union (EU) from promoting divisions to suit their varied agendas, especially when dealing with African member states, a Government minister has urged.

Australia, Japan agree FTA study details | 22-September-2005

Australia and Japan have finalised the details of a planned free-trade feasibility study, Trade Minister Mark Vaile has said. But despite the breakthrough, Mr Vaile cautioned that any deal on a free trade agreement (FTA) was still a long way off and faced political hurdles.

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    EU must tear up association agreement with Israel | 13-September-2014
    Bernard K. Gordon: A very misguided comment was posted on your site, recommending that the EU-Israel trade agreement be "torn up." As many, many long and directly-experienced American commentators have pointed out, the record of Hamas during the Israel/Hamas ...
    Bilateral Investment Treaty to lure US companies to India, says expert | 12-September-2014
    Muthucumaraswamy Sornarajah: It is a myth that investment treaties attract foreign investment. There are no studies which conclusively prove this assumption. What we know is that the existing Indian BITs have enabled disgruntled investors to bring arbitrations against India. Th ...
    US dairy groups oppose Canadian market access restrictions | 9-September-2014
    Harvey Dann: I read with great interest your article on cheese imports into Canada. It is unfortunate that this happened for everyone concerned. Perhaps everyone needs to take a look at COOL (Country of Origin Labelling) and how some segments of your industry an ...
    US back ECOWAS’ efforts to attain borderless trade status | 4-September-2014
    Rosi DeJean: The overall evidence of free trade has failed to support economic development in any of the countries under the Free Trade Act. The evidence has supported a rise in poverty in those regions, especially reviewing the Caribbean islands (Haiti, Jamaica ...
    Government moves to protect rooibos in EU — eight years on | 4-September-2014
    JACK: FINALLY Someone gets some Backbone
    Guatemalan court suspends "Monsanto Law" | 4-September-2014
    chantal theroux: Wow!!you impress me people of guatemala!!here in canada we think that you are a very intelligent nation don't let them take a your land and poisonne it!!! Lots of love keep fighting!!!!:)
    S&D Group president Gianni Pittella: "We oppose ISDS mechanism in EU-Canada trade deal" | 1-September-2014
    read: So, states should be allowed to inflict multi-billion dollar fines on corporations trough state institutions and courts, but corporations should not be allowed to sue governments for expropriation, backward-enforced laws and other populist transgres ...
    Don’t let Americans put hormones and pesticides in our dinner, warns Jamie Oliver as he launches latest food offensive | 26-August-2014
    John: If the US government gets their way Europe is going to stay busy building more hospitals and graduating more doctors.