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bilaterals.org and a new ISDS (investor-state dispute settlement) platform to be hosted at bilaterals.org seek to hire a coordinator for their work. This is a great opportunity for someone interested in working on a full-time, paid basis to support people’s struggles against so-called free trade and investment deals globally, through a job share for two separate but complementary projects.
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The Trans­Pacific Partnership: a neoliberal escalation

2-Sep-2015Flush the TPP The outcome of such a process, based on what we know so far, is what one might reasonably expect: “a wishlist of the 1%–a worldwide corporate power”.

Key issues

ASEAN govts should consider incentives for flexible employment arrangements

2-Sep-2015 Astro AwaniASEAN governments should consider giving further incentives for expenses incurred by employers in implementing flexible employment arrangements.

Texts of agreements

5-Aug-2015  | TPP: draft IP chapter (May 2015) As leaked by KEI on 4 August 2015
4-Aug-2015  | RCEP: draft IP text from ASEAN (Oct 2014) As published by KEI
4-Aug-2015  | RCEP: draft IP text from India (Oct 2014) As published by KEI
21-Jul-2015  | Brazil-Malawi ICFA (2015)


1-Sep-2015  Job opening: bilaterals.org and ISDS platform shared coordinator
Ellen Elmore: Hello, I am interested in your job posting. I have looked over your post and your website and I am curious to whom I should address my letter
29-Aug-2015  The perfect pinta vs. the TTIP trade tanker
SARAH: I am in New Zealand. We also have the same problems and we have the dreaded TPPA, which is the same as the TTIP. If all the farmers around the
29-Aug-2015  La grandísima trinidad del sionismo imperial
Josep Manuel Galán i Gimisó: Craso error;la inclusión del vocablo sionista;recuerda demasiado a Los protocolos de Sión ; dejando a la buena argumentación un rechazo