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bilaterals.org and a new ISDS (investor-state dispute settlement) platform to be hosted at bilaterals.org seek to hire a coordinator for their work. This is a great opportunity for someone interested in working on a full-time, paid basis to support people’s struggles against so-called free trade and investment deals globally, through a job share for two separate but complementary projects.
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Time running out for states to sign TFTA

4-Aug-2015The East African Finalisation of negotiations on outstanding TFTA areas especially with regard to rules of origin, trade remedies, and dispute settlement will be introduced following the launch of a post-signature implementation plan

Key issues

Crise de l’élevage, crise de modèle

3-Aug-2015 GlobalSous la contrainte de l’Organisation mondiale du commerce (OMC) et des traités de libre-échange, l’Union européenne a abandonné la régulation de ses productions agricoles et supprimé la préférence communautaire.

Texts of agreements

21-Jul-2015  | Brazil-Malawi ICFA (2015)
21-Jul-2015  | ACFI Brasil-México (2015)
20-Jul-2015  | ACFI Brasil-Angola (2015)


24-Jul-2015  EU-CAN FTA - EU negotiating mandate (draft, 2007)
colleen: wrong article
16-Jul-2015  Ottawa, Kyiv ink trade deal during Ukrainian PM’s visit
Margaret Beresford: In one of the most self-serving of gestures that cost Canadian taxpayers not Harper. As he clearly myopically focused on the Ukrainian votes
5-Jul-2015  Impactos del acuerdo de libre comercio entre Colombia y la Unión Europea en las comunidades campesinas
Eugenia Hinestroza : Viviendo tantos años en Francia, conociendo muchos paises europeos por haber vivido en algunos de ellos y visitado el resto, veo a Colombia como