Ecuador: Los TLC hacen que "economías vuelvan a ser primarias"

24-Jun-2016Radio Equinoccio “Hay mucha presión para firmar tratados de libre comercio”, que son “formas de hacer que las economías vuelvan a ser primarias”, según el canciller Guillaume Long.

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Key issues

L’or du Mali : le double jeu de Randgold

23-Jun-2016 Mali ActuLe Mali doit reverser 16,9 milliards de FCFA à la Société des mines de Loulo, dont l’actionnaire majoritaire Randgold avait fait l’objet d’un redressement fiscal.

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Texts of agreements

14-Jun-2016  | PACER-plus draft chapters (2013-2016) 17 leaked chapters dated from 2013 to 2016
25-May-2016  | TiSA - draft annexes (2015) As leaked by Wikileaks on 25 May 2016
4-May-2016  | UE-Tunisie (ALECA) - textes initiaux (avril 2016) Publié par la Commission européenne
3-May-2016  | EU-US FTA (TTIP) - draft text (April 2016) As leaked by Greenpeace


13-Jun-2016  Coalition may add clause to Japan trade deal that lets foreign companies sue Australia
Jennifer Jones: Honestly, I expect a higher standard of reporting from the Guardian. Let me say at the outset I am no fan of ISDS, but to claim that "ISDS
6-Jun-2016  Don’t trade with Western Sahara, says Danish parliament
Ahmed Salem: Danish MPs should listen to native Western Saharawi not to algeria diplomats&DK NGOs funded by algeria like Afrika Kontakt. NGOs sponsored by
28-May-2016  The Comprehensive Economic Theft Agreement (CETA)
Jess Chesnut: HELP...This could be the wake up call needed to publicize the issues on how these new generation trade (NOT) deals will inflict corporate control