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Top Filipino, US businessmen to lobby for PH inclusion in TPP | 9-April-2014

A group composed of top Filipino and American business leaders would help lobby for the Philippines’ inclusion in the US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, on top of initiatives to attract more American investors into the country, the Philippine envoy to Washington said.

Sindicatos cuestionan balance laboral a dos años del TLC con EE. UU. | 9-April-2014

A dos años de entrada en vigencia el Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC) con Estados Unidos, los avances en los compromisos que adquirió Colombia en materia de derechos laborales para poner en marcha el acuerdo siguen causando polémica.

Colombia’s Breadbasket Feels the Pinch of Free Trade | 8-April-2014

Things are getting worse and worse,” Enrique Muñoz, a 67-year-old farmer from the municipality of Cajamarca in the central Colombian department of Tolima, once known as the country’s breadbasket, said sadly.

Taiwan-Australia FTA urged as South Korea, Australia ink deal | 8-April-2014

The Ministry of Economic Affairs said Tuesday that Taiwan should push for a free trade deal with Australia, noting that one signed between South Korea and Australia might impact Taiwanese manufacturers of petrochemical products and auto parts — two of Taiwan’s major exports to Australia.

Corea del Sur y Australia firman un TLC bilateral que posiblemente entre en vigor este año | 8-April-2014

Casi cinco años después de comenzar las negociaciones, Corea del Sur y Australia firmaron de forma oficial, este martes, un tratado de libre comercio (TLC) que elimina los aranceles en los principales productos objeto de comercio entre ambos países, incluidos los automóviles y la carne de vacuno.

Varios eurodiputados exigen suspender el TLC con Colombia por el "caso Petro" | 8-April-2014

Una docena de eurodiputados reclamó hoy suspender el tratado de libre comercio (TLC) entre la UE y Colombia hasta que la Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos se pronuncie sobre la destitución del alcalde de Bogotá, Gustavo Petro, informó en un comunicado el eurodiputado alemán Jürgen Klute (GUE).

Free trade agreements contain provisions that restrict access to medicines: UNITAID | 8-April-2014

UNITAID, a global health initiative has warned against bilateral and regional trade agreements, pushed mostly by Europe and the US, as such agreements go well beyond traditional trade concerns and include provisions that force extensive obligations related to intellectual property and investor protection which would restrict access to medicines.

ISDS: The trap the Australia-Japan Free Trade Agreement escaped | 8-April-2014

So straightforward was Australia’s first trade deal with Japan that the Japanese thought it was a trick.

Rice growers slam Japan FTA | 8-April-2014

Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia President Les Gordon has slammed Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s landmark free trade agreement with Japan as a deal that punishes and ignores ricegrowers.

Few free trade favours from Fortress Japan | 8-April-2014

Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Trade Minister Andrew Robb have hailed the freshly inked free trade agreement with Japan as “historic”. Yes, it is historic in a sense that it is a repeat of the much criticised 2004 free trade agreement with the United States that provide very limited commercial benefits to Australian farmers.

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  • Comments
    Los TLC vuelve gordos a los colombianos | 16-April-2014
    Cesar Zamora: Este tema no es propio de los TLC, es cuestión de prevención de la Salud y por supuesto de Educación. Hasta la desnutrición nos inflama el estomago.
    Traité de libre-échange UE-USA : pourquoi villes et régions se rebellent | 21-March-2014
    Olivier Compan: Le Traité Transatlantique n'est pas signé ! Les français sont intéressés par le Traité, il suffit d'en parler avec eux ou de leur donner quelques informations, même si les « Grands médias » ...
    S.Korea, Canada wrap up free-trade deal | 17-March-2014
    HJ Hastings: Will it be easier for Canadian distributors to import Candy (lollipops and gummies) following the signing of this agreement? It would be nice. Also for Canadian Candy manufacturers, will they have easier access to the Korean market? Let me know!
    Europe tells US to lay off Brie and get its own cheese names | 10-March-2014
    james w. everts: " ..France's Valley of Muenster.." You see already where it goes wrong. Muenster (more correctly spelled Münster) is a major city in Germany. Just primary school stuff, in Europe that is..
    Ciudadanos marchan contra el tratado de libre comercio negociado entre la UE y la CE en la negación de la democracia | 28-February-2014
    Olivier compan: En FRANCE Un collectif national est né (, des collectifs locaux se montent en France (, des conférences sont programmées sur l ...
    Joe Stiglitz writes open letter to TPP negotiators | 23-February-2014
    fred bass: there can be no excuse for a government that is by, for and of the people to hide the text of a national agreement that is supposed to improve their lot.
    NAFTA and the Next Phase of North American Integration | 20-February-2014
    margsview: Since only taxpayer/citizens are/will be the non benefiting, financial liable but non participating (public) group, we should relinquish these penalizing responsibilities to the corporate entities that are signatory and financially beneficiaries of ...
    EJN cautions ECOWAS over EPA | 17-February-2014
    Mohammed Jalloh: It's really a devastating blow on the west African sovereignty. From my on point of view, this is the 21st century form of colonization . It's a shame on our political leaders. I kindly ask organizations like EJN and others to continue to ...