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INTA debates EU-Japan trade | 10-October-2014

The European Commission made it very clear that it would be difficult to see the end of negotiations if nothing happens in terms of taxation of cars in Japan.

China’s Zhu: Asia-Pacific trade deal would be incomplete without Beijing | 9-October-2014

The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact would be "incomplete" in the long term without China, a top Chinese official said on Wednesday.

La UE y Correa preparan desde 2011 cómo violar la Constitución de Ecuador | 9-October-2014

Mientras que el presidente de Ecuador, Rafael Correa, negaba públicamente en enero de 2012 que su país fuese a firmar un Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC) con la Unión Europea, un alto cargo de su Cancillería negociaba en secreto con la Comisión Europea la firma de un agresivo texto que amenazaba la joven Constitución del país.

TTIP negotiating mandate published | 9-October-2014

The European Council today published the negotiating mandate for the proposed transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP).

China, US likely to conclude BIT talks in two years, says official | 9-October-2014

China and the United States are likely to conclude bilateral investment treaty (BIT) negotiations within two years, China’s Vice Finance Minister Zhu Guangyao said Wednesday.

L’UE songe à réévaluer sa relation avec Israël | 8-October-2014

L’Union européenne menace implicitement mais de manière déterminée de réexaminer ses liens bilatéraux avec Israël si le gouvernement de Netanyahu ne s’implique pas dans une solution à deux Etats et continue de mettre en œuvre sa politique actuelle qui est d’autoriser les constructions au-delà des lignes antérieures à 1967.

Six years after JPEPA: PHL the world’s toxic waste dump site? | 8-October-2014

Six years after the controversial Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA) was signed, Philippines may be becoming the world’s dump site for toxic waste.

Myanmar and Israel sign an agreement to cement bilateral trade | 8-October-2014

Israeli Ambassador to Myanmar Hagay M Behar and DICA director general Aung Naing signed a reciprocal promotion and protection of investments agreement in Yangon yesterday.

’Plan B’ needed for EU-US trade pact - Italian minister | 8-October-2014

Italy said on Wednesday there needed to be a "plan B" that foresees a partial EU-US trade deal in order to sidestep deadlock over specific issues.

Panamá: Aprueban en tercer y último debate TLC con México | 8-October-2014

La Asamblea Nacional (AN) de Panamá aprobó en tercer y último debate el tratado de libre comercio con México, cuya entrada en vigor es indispensable para el ingreso del país centroamericano a la Alianza del Pacífico.

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  • Comments
    Document reveals EU bullied Ecuador into trade agreement | 16-October-2014
    Alan Adams: Good article. Informative. However, just a comment on wording: "Solidarity economy" does not equal "socialist Economy" Solidarity economy is a new, though largely indigenous concept.
    Corporations get lots, Canadians get little in CETA trade deal | 13-October-2014
    Arthur: So, you want elected governments to have arbitrary unrestricted power - in particular over the "greedy" corporations - to change the laws and policies at whim, as the government wishes - without the options for the "ruled over" c ...
    People, environment and democracy before profit and corporate rights | 10-October-2014
    Filip Rembiałkowski: Hello, I'm from Direct Democracy party in Poland. We are now discussing about officially supporting your anti-TTIP initiative. (this one ) Are you OK with that? Where can w ...
    The threat of CETA: trade, investment and workers’ rights | 10-October-2014
    David : lol, this is ridiculous...
    Guatemalan court suspends "Monsanto Law" | 8-October-2014
    Lynda MacHaila: There are criminals that go to a bank with a gun and, take money, they go to jail. There are others that commit crimes of grater consequence to individuals and to the world and, they make big money. Where is the wisdom that is in charge of our healt ...
    Guatemalan court suspends "Monsanto Law" | 7-October-2014
    ANde: and what kind of people support a company like this?? We all do!! look around your home and your closet Monsanto is written all over them unless you are very, very selective. We all need to stand up to this abhoracious (yes, my word) company.
    Why the climate movement cannot ignore trade | 7-October-2014
    ian harris: When global warming did n't happen, it became climate change. This is an entirely man-made panic about something which is probably not going to happen, and if it does happen, it will be as the result of natural forces. The earth has warmed and ...
    Guatemalan court suspends "Monsanto Law" | 7-October-2014
    anton french: I find it the idea of a corporation being able to control food in this way abhorrent. What kind of people would work for such a disgusting company.

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