Conservadores y socialdemócratas se alían a favor del ISDS (TTIP)

3-Jul-2015Tercera Información Conservadores y Socialdemócratas han logrado un acuerdo este miércoles sobre el ISDS, el tribunal de arbitraje privado entre inversores y Estados que propone el TTIP.

Key issues

Investor vs. State

3-Jul-2015 Policy AlternativesCanada is being pummeled by NAFTA corporate lawsuits. Why do we put up with it?

Texts of agreements

18-Jun-2015  | China-Australia FTA (2015)
11-Jun-2015  | TPP: healthcare annex of draft transparency chapter (Dec 2014) as leaked by Wikileaks on 10 June 2015
4-Jun-2015  | RCEP: draft IP text from Japan (2014) as leaked by KEI on 10 Feb 2015


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