Korea-EU FTA stuck in faulty translation loop

Chosun Ilbo | Mar. 29, 2011

Korea-EU FTA stuck in faulty translation loop

The Korea-EU FTA has been sent back yet again after more errors were found in a freshly submitted translation and will have to be laid before the Cabinet again. The government was left with egg on its face when an inaccurate translation was put before the National Assembly.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade on Monday withdrew the Korea-EU FTA bill from the National Assembly and plans to submit it to the Cabinet when the mistakes have been corrected. This throws a spoke in the wheels of plans by the government and ruling Grand National Party to get the FTA ratified by April.

Lawmakers said the ministry admitted that the second translation of the Korea-EU FTA contained a considerable number of fresh errors and agreed to submit a corrected version again. As soon as the plenary session of the National Assembly opens next month, it will withdraw the FTA bill and start the process all over.

source: Chosun Ilbo

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  • Korea-EU FTA stuck in faulty translation loop7-April-2011 | Jodie

    "it will withdraw the FTA bill and start the process all over."

    Sounds like this is the only option to me, however time-consuming it might be. The fact is, there are some situations where you just can’t afford errors of any kind, least of all translation errors. Medical records being one example, legal documents being another and, of course, trade agreements! One translation error and a nation could find itself in breach of an agreement without even knowing it.

    There’s any number translation agencies out there, so there’s really no excuse for that kind of thing. I know governements are cutting costs and the rest of it but there are some savings that’ll cost you in the long run.

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