La Via Campesina march in Bilbao

FocusPuller | 23 July 2017

Farmers of La Via Campesina demonstrated in Bilbao after the closing of their 7th Conference for food sovereignty and the defence of the planet. Voices from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas: Unai Aranguren, EHNE, Bizkaia; Elisa D’Aloisio, ARI, Italia; Maria Rosa Santamaria Tabora, CNTC, Honduras; Carlos Marentes, Sin Fronteras Organizing Project, USA; Kannaiyan Subramanian, SICCFM, India; Bassirou Issouffou, Plateforme Paysanne du Niger; Rita Zanotto, MST, Brasil; and Edgardo Garcia, ATC, Nicaragua. Video by Antonio Pacor.

source: FocusPuller