RCEP meeting fails to reach consensus on e-commerce, investment

14-Nov-2018Business Standard The ministers acknowledged the good progress made in the negotiations so far with successful conclusion of 5 chapters this year alone, taking the total to 7 chapters.

Key issues

Slovakia does not have to compensate the Union private health insurer

9-Nov-2018 Slovak SpectatorThe German Supreme Court dismissed the original arbitration decision against Slovakia concerning the ban on health-insurance companies’ profits.

Texts of agreements

31-Oct-2018  | Netherlands model investment agreement (Oct 2018) As released by the Government of the Netherlands
28-Oct-2018  | EU-Vietnam trade and investment agreements (Aug 2018) As published by the European Commission
1-Oct-2018  | United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement text (2018) As published by the Office of the US Trade Representative
19-Sep-2018  | China-Korea FTA As released by the Ministry of Commerce, China


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Ramakrishna Venkatasamy: There has already been a huge historical mistake in believing in the goodwill of corporations and giving them too much latitude. We have reached
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rick arnold: Excellent article. Because of the 34 Foreign Investment Protection Agrrements (FIPA) that Canadá has signed with mostly smaller and more
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Giampietro Fraccari: Unfortunately very few people do things for the interest of all ,but we look always what is convincente to us as individual . We are also getting