NAFTA 2.0: Will our feminist government walk the equality talk?

15-ago-2017The Globe and Mail Renegotiating the agreement is an opportunity for Canada’s self-proclaimed feminist government to put words into action by tackling gender inequality and the structural barriers that female workers and business owners face across all three countries.

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Rising demands for data localization a response to weak data protection mechanisms

15-ago-2017 Electronic Frontier FoundationDon’t trust data localization exceptions in trade agreements to guarantee protection of personal data.

Textos de los acuerdos

21-jul-2017  | EU-Mexico FTA - EU text proposals (July 2017) All texts as available as of 18 July 2017
14-jul-2017  | EU-Japan FTA - draft chapters (July 2017) 19 draft chapters, as released by the European Commission
28-jun-2017  | EU-Japan - mandate (Jul 2012) As leaked by Greenpeace (in German)
28-jun-2017  | EU-Japan FTA - draft chapters (Jan 2016 - Jan 2017) 14 draft chapters, as leaked by Greenpeace


11-ago-2017  Trump administration’s Africa policy in focus at AGOA trade talks
Jacques Berthelot: There are contradictions, on the one hand, between the fact to acknowledge that China’s exports to Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) have been 5 times
3-ago-2017  Le conseil constitutionnel valide le CETA
DIDIER Pierre: La remarque dans l’article selon laquelle les parlements des Etats membres doivent encore approuver l’entrée en vigueur définitive du CETA n’est pas
28-jul-2017  The king is dead, long live the king: the EU and the future of investor-state dispute settlement
Pierre DIDIER: What a confusion in that note!!! ISDS is clearly and definitively dead in EU agreements. The European Court made it clear in its Singapore