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Guatemala accused in CAFTA labor complaint
Guatemalan and US labor groups filed a complaint Wednesday with the US Department of Labor alleging that Guatemala had failed to uphold its own labor laws as required under the Central American Free Trade Agreement.
Panamanian cabinet approves FTA with Guatemala
Panama’s cabinet has approved the free trade agreement (FTA) between Panama and Guatemala signed on Feb. 26, Commerce and Industry Minister Alejandro Ferrer said Thursday.
Panama-Guatemala free trade a ’historic step’
Panama’s government has signed a free-trade agreement with Guatemala, Central America’s biggest economy with 11 million residents.
Panama, Guatemala ready free trade
Panama said Tuesday that negotiations for a free trade agreement with Guatemala is 90 percent advanced. Panama plans to negotiate a similar accord with the EU en bloc.
Mexico-Guatemala: The other border
The loss of jobs in the agricultural industries, along with increases in the cost of living with fewer employment opportunities under CAFTA are speculated to produce economic and social hardships that will result in migration both within and outside Central American nations. Most of this migration will be directed towards Mexico and the US.
Guatemala union heads killed despite US trade deal
Masked gunmen dumped a Guatemalan banana picker’s bullet-ridden corpse yards from fields of fruit bound for the United States, a grim reminder of the risks of organizing labor in the Central American country.
Guatemala: FTA, neolib affect food supply
Neoliberal policies and the free trade agreement with the US have made Guatemala rely on others to feed its population, a study published here denounces.
Colombia inks Central America trade pact
Colombia signed a free trade agreement Thursday with Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador that could double exports to the Central American countries in five years.
El Salvador to sign FTA with three countries
El Salvador’s President Elias Antonio Saca will travel this coming week to Colombia to sign a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras
Guatemala and Costa Rica: in and out of CAFTA
The growth in exports being celebrated by the Bank of Guatemala has nothing to do with CAFTA.
Guatemalans say US free trade costly
One year after CAFTA-DR took effect in Guatemala, the Guatemalan Social Organizations Collective (COS) presented evidence on Wednesday that its alleged benefits are deceptive and false.
Guatemalan president re-affirms ties with Taiwan
Guatemalan President Oscar Berger says his country will maintain ties with Taiwan. He was meeting with Taiwan’s President Chen Shui-bian on Wednesday when he made the pledge.
Ex-USTR negotiator Vargo key in CAFTA case
Pittsburgh-based Railroad Development Corporation (RDC) has hired former US trade agreement negotiator, Regina Vargo, and filed suit against the Guatemalan government under the investor-state provisions within Chapter 10 of CAFTA.
Indigenous peoples’ summit: defending their right to the land
The fight for land and territory and opposition to neoliberalism and free trade treaties (FTAs) with the United States are the main issues at the Indigenous People’s Summit currently meeting in Iximché, Guatemala.
Labor rights in Guatemala aided little by trade deal
Day and night, workers at the port of Quetzal on Guatemala’s Pacific coast load fruit from surrounding plantations and clothing stitched in local factories onto freighters bound for Long Beach, Calif., a flow of goods that has swelled since a Central American trade agreement with the United States took force last year.
RDC files notice of intent to submit claims for arbitration under CAFTA against the Republic of Guatemala
On the morning of Tuesday, March 13, Railroad Development Corporation (RDC) filed its Notice of Intent to Submit Claims to international arbitration against the Republic of Guatemala under the Central America-Dominican Republic-United States Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA).
Executive committee is established to oversee Taiwan-Guatemala FTA
n executive committee was established in Taipei yesterday to oversee the execution of a Taiwan-Guatemala free trade agreement (FTA) that took effect July 1.
Guatemala to sue US for dumping
After a month and five days of implementing the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with United States, Guatemala is suffering from this pact’s asymmetries and is suing the northern country for unfair competition.
As Guatemala enters CAFTA, US coalition calls for a new trade model
As the Dominican Republic - Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) is expected to be implemented tomorrow with Guatemala, a coalition of U.S. organizations denounces the Bush Administration’s strong arm tactics to force implementation and calls on Congressional candidates to promote positive trade agreements by taking the Pledge for Trade Justice.
CAFTA implementation leaves some countries hanging by a thread
While the machines on the factory floor whirred rat-a-tat-tat, textile maker Sergio de la Torre sat in his office and extolled what CAFTA will bring in the future: attention and foreign investment.