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Turkey: FTA with Tunisia & Morocco vital for textile sector
Currently, Turkey has inked Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with 19 countries and now, the formation of Mediterranean Basin Free Trade Area, is being added which will improve economic and commercial transactions between the Mediterranean countries.
Morocco textile industry adapting to free trade
Morocco hopes to create as many textile industry jobs as it loses over a two-year period, the kingdom’s trade minister said.
Trade-related intellectual property rights, access to medicines and human rights - Morocco
The briefing calls for an independent human rights impact assessment of the effect of intellectual property rules in the US-Morocco Free Trade Agreement (FTA) on access to medicines and the enjoyment of human rights in Morocco.
Saharan fish and the EU
The EU-Morocco Fisheries Partnership Agreement is similar to a host of deals being signed down the West African coast, allowing European fishing access to African waters to make up for the over-fishing of European waters in recent decades. But this deal has one exception: it will allow EU boats to fish in the illegally occupied water of a country which the West has done its best to forget.
France bolsters Moroccan ties as free trade grows
France is pushing to maintain strong economic ties with former protectorate Morocco even as the North African kingdom tries to draw more foreign investors by lowering barriers to trade and investment.
US sorghum sold to Morocco for the first time in six years
US sorghum has been sold to Morocco for the first time in six years, a testament that the US-Morocco Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is working.
FTA to diversify Morocco’s foreign partnerships and markets
"The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the United States opens the Moroccan economy towards a new world. It is an opportunity for us to diversify our partnerships, our markets and strengthen our means of competition in an increasingly global economy," said Mohamed Benayad, secretary general of the National Council for Foreign Trade (CNCE).
Interview with Mohamed Benayad: «We do not sign free trade agreements with enemy states»
Interview with Mohamed Benayad, Secretary General of the National Council for Foreign Trade, claims to be an advocate of the free trade agreement between Morocco and the United States.
Morocco-US FTA to promote investment in Kingdom, trade advisor
Increasing trade exchanges and promoting US investments in Morocco are the main objectives of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) signed between Morocco and the USA, affirmed trade Advisor at Moroccan embassy in Washington, Mourad El Ayachi.
Morocco free trade agreement benefits US grain industry
The agreement eliminates tariffs on US sorghum immediately and phases out duties on US corn over five years.
Morocco becomes 1st MENA country to have free trade with US
Morocco became the first country in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) to have free trade with the United States after the two countries’ free trade agreement came into effect on Sunday.
Bush moves to implement US-Morocco free-trade pact
In anticipation of the January 1, 2006, entry into force of the U.S.-Morocco Free Trade Agreement, President Bush issued a proclamation December 22 on adjusting tariffs on imports from Morocco and authorizing the commerce secretary to take actions to support the implementation of the pact.
Morocco-UAE: What happened to the FTAs?
Recent difficulties in the implementation of Morocco’s free trade agreement with the UAE have raised questions regarding the kingdom’s readiness for trade liberalisation. They might also further delay the entry into force of more crucial free trade deals.
Agadir Agreement (2004)
Agreement for the Establishment of a Free Trade Zone between the Arabic Mediterranean Nations
Trade office to urge FTA pact with Morocco
The Office of the Thai Trade Representatives (TTR) is to propose a free trade pact between Thailand and Morocco to open the door for more trade and investment between Thailand and African countries.
Statement of National Corn Growers Association on US-Morocco FTA
The Morocco FTA cuts the tariff on US corn initially in half and then proceeds to zero by year six. This provides a significant advantage to US exporters and could potentially allow them to capture near 100 percent of the Moroccan market.
FTA to allow Morocco export non-Moroccan textile products to USA
The free trade agreement signed between Morocco and the USA will grant Morocco a waiver from the normal rules of origin and allow the kingdom export textile products from less developed African Sub-Saharan countries.
Foreign Trade Council: accompanying measures are crucial for Morocco-US FTA success
Although the Morocco-US Free Trade Agreement (FTA) offers considerable opportunities to Moroccan textile exporters and an outlet to some agricultural produces, accompanying measures are crucial to benefit the most of the accord, believes Mohamed Benayad, head of the National Council for Foreign Trade.
Least favored nation: Impact of EU trade agreements on US agriculture
A review of European Union free trade agreements in agriculture - looking at Morocco, Egypt, South Africa, Chile - and the impact on US interests.
Moroccan officials tout free trade agreement
It’s been deemed the “best market access package of any U.S. free trade agreement with a developing country to date” by the Office of the US Trade Representative. So can the new trade agreement between the United States and Morocco actually live up to such spectacular billing?