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Women rally against EU-India Free Trade Agreement
A public rally-cum-public meeting against the European Union-India Free Trade Agreement (FTA) was organized at Namoi Khun yesterday wherein hundreds of people took part.
Promoting women’s economic empowerment through gender responsive trade agreements experiences
This report is based on the research done by FEMNET to assess the extent to which trade arrangements between African countries and the European Union facilitate African women’s economic empowerment and realization of their economic rights.
Women and Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement
The Australian Fair Trade & Investment Network (AFTINET) presents a special seminar to mark the lead-up to International Women’s Day and the 16th Round of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) negotiations being held in Singapore, on March 5, at 12.15 pm in the Waratah Room at NSW Parliament.
Our Sister’s Garden and the KORUS FTA
"We lose two trillion won every year because we are importing that amount of agricultural products from other countries, in this case, the United States. That means, ten percent of the population—300,000 peasants—will be forced out of their businesses every year. That means the end to our agricultural base. So, the FTA is a system for the one percent of the people."
Documentary: CAFTA led to workers’ rights violations in Honduras
Ever since it was passed five years ago, the Central America Free Trade Agreement-Dominican Republic (CAFTA-DR) has led to an increase in unemployment, violations of worker rights and discrimination against women in Honduras, according to an about-to-be-released documentary.
EU-India FTA: Impacts on women
CENTAD, in partnership with the Heinrich Böll Foundation, have come out recently with 4 reports on trade and gender. The first is a backgrounder (literature review) while the other three are on the gender impact of the EU-India FTA in the fields of agriculture, services and health.
EU trade pacts
A new study shows that the effects of EPAs - under which African, Caribbean and Pacific countries are expected to offer duty-free access to ’substantially all’ EU imports - will be felt differently by women and men in their roles as producers, consumers and users of services.
Free trade deal will cost Ethiopia, warns researchers
The Ethiopian Government is debating whether to sign the EPA with the EU, as it has concerns about the effect it will have on its fragile industries. Research shows negative implications for women, agriculture and manufacturing.
Unequal partners
Conversations on the EU-India FTA
Could a sudden collapse of Mexico be Obama’s surprise foreign policy challenge?
A year-end report by the Pentagon’s Joint Forces Command names two countries as likely candidates for a “rapid and sudden collapse” — Pakistan and Mexico. Arguably, NAFTA is to blame for what could be Mexico’s impending destabilization.
Free trade accord may pose problems for female workers
Problems of female workers are expected to increase with the full implementation of the Free Trade Agreement reached between Bahrain and the United States that completed its second year on Friday.
CAWN action against EU-Central America FTA
Urgent action is needed to strengthen democratic scrutiny of the negotiations and ensure that the Association Agreement with Europe doesn’t worsen poverty, gender inequality and violations of women’s rights in Central America.
Asian women workers’ declaration on free trade agreements
There is increasing and irrefutable evidence that free trade deals devalue and homogenise cultures, stunt economic development, displace communities and are major drivers of increasing rural and urban poverty. Women are disproportionately affected.
“Without corn, there is no country”
International Women’s Day marchers target NAFTA and free trade on the streets of San Cristóbal, Chiapas
Supachai: ‘An India-China FTA will be better than an India-US FTA’
Interview with the UN Conference on Trade & Development’s secretary-general, and former WTO chief, Supachai Panitchpakdi.
Gender issues in the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement
Examines JPEPA’s implications on women’s productive and social reproductive work, and uses the framework of international care chain/care drain in analyzing the migration of Filipina health professionals abroad.
FTA poses challenges for Bahraini working women
Working women in Bahrain are facing many challenges and female activists predict more hardship to come in their way after the full implementation of the Free Trade Agreement between Bahrain and the United States.
Referendum about CAFTA: Declaration of “Mujeres del NO”
As feminists we have always said NO to rape and therefore we cannot but say NO to this gang rape of our collective freedom to choose what treaties we accept.
Results: The power of NO
Hundreds of women came together to celebrate women’s contributions to the struggle against the ratification of CAFTA in Costa Rica
Economic growth without social justice: EU-India trade negotiations and their implications for social development and gender justice
This paper attempts to place the EU-India FTA negotiations in their historical and topical context, and questions the coherence between the development aid agenda on the one hand, and the trade and investment agenda on the other.