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EU-Colombia-Peru FTA (2011)

As initialled in Brussels on 24 March 2011

Trade Agreement between the European Union and Colombia and Peru


Preamble and text of the agreement

List of annexes and declarations

- Annex I - Tariff elimination schedules
- Annex II - Concerning the definition of the concept of "originating products" and methods for administrative cooperation.
- Annex III - Special provisions on administrative cooperation
- Annex IV - Agricultural safeguard measures
- Annex V - Mutual Administrative Assistance in Customs Matters
- Annex VI - Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures
- Annex VII- Lists of Commitments on Establishment
- Annex VIII - Lists of Commitments on Cross-border Supply of Services
- Annex IX - Reservations regarding Temporary Presence of Natural Persons for Business Purposes
- Annex X - Enquiry Points regarding Trade in Services, Establishment and Electronic Commerce
- Annex XI - Understanding Concerning Subparagraph (b) of the Definition of "services supplied in the exercise of governmental authority" as referred to in Article 152 of the Agreement
- Annex XII - Government Procurement
- Annex XIII - Lists of Geographical Indications
- Annex XIV - Mediation Mechanism for Non-tariff Measures

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