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Why India should challenge the Vodafone-India BIT award

The scope of consent to arbitration is an important issue that needs to be finally settled - not least because it could have multi-billion dollar implications for India in respect of other cases involving challenges to India’s taxation measures by foreign investors.

S. Korea, China to discuss expanding bilateral FTA scope

South Korea and China on Monday launched the ninth round of talks with China to bolster ties in the service and investment fields as part of their bilateral free trade agreement (FTA), which went into effect five years ago.

Bad times for ECOWAS

Côte d’Ivoire has hastily signed an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the UK, which is modelled on the interim EPA the country signed with the European Union.

From the movements

Rethinking trade: Kenya and the environment

So-called “trade agreements” such as the US-Kenya trade deal have nothing to do with trade. But rather they impose new limits on government regulatory authority.

EU-Mercosur mythbuster

We’ve made this mythbuster to unpick powerful economic interests’ spin on this toxic deal.