Taiwan actively seeks bilateral free trade agreements, though it is hampered in this effort by its status vis-a-vis China. It has FTAs already with Panama (2003), Guatemala (2005), Nicaragua (2006), El Salvador (2007) and Honduras (2007). It is negotiating with Dominican Republic and Paraguay. And it hopes to negotiate further deals with Costa Rica, Israel, Swaziland, Japan, the US of course, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore and Mexico. Taipei’s emphasis on Central American countries as FTA partners is to gain access to the US market under NAFTA and CAFTA. But now Taiwan is in talks with China for a possible FTA following the signing of the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) between the two governments in 2010.

last update: May 2012


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  • 16-Dec-2015 Taipein Times Act to ease free-trade impacts passed
    The new law will require the labor ministry to offer ‘appropriate supporting aids’ to people working in negatively impacted industries and companies.
  • 1-Dec-2015 Economics minister warns about China-South Korea FTA
    Focus Taiwan News Channel Economics minister warns about China-South Korea FTA By Huang Chiao-wen and Lilian Wu 1 December 2015 Taipei, Dec. 1 (CNA) Economics Minister John Deng (鄧振中) on Tuesday warned about the impact of a free trade agreement (FTA) between China and South Korea and expressed hope that a cross-Taiwan Strait trade-in-goods agreement can make major progress soon. South Korea’s parliament ratified an FTA with China a day earlier, with both countries agreeing to implement it (...)
  • 31-Aug-2015 Want China Times Taiwan and Vietnam to start talks on new investment agreement
    Vietnam has agreed to start talks on a new Taiwan-Vietnam Bilateral Investment Agreement to provide more protection for Taiwanese businessmen investing in the Southeast Asian country.
  • 24-Aug-2015 Want China Times Taiwan must open up service sector with TiSA’s arrival
    The Taiwanese government has turned its focus to the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) currently being negotiated by 25 countries and regions that account for 70% of the global trade in services.
  • 13-Jul-2015 CNA Taiwan to propose economic cooperation pact with Australia
    Following signature of the China-Australia FTA last month, Taiwan will express the idea of signing one with Australia at an upcoming vice ministerial-level trade and economic meeting between the two nations in Taipei.
  • 4-Jun-2015 Official urges signing of Taiwan-EU investment accord
    Duh Tyzz-jiun (杜紫軍), minister of the National Development Council (NDC), Thursday called for both Taiwan and the European Union to expedite the process of signing a bilateral investment agreement (BIA).
  • 20-Feb-2015 La Prensa Gráfica El Salvador: El TLC entre Taiwán y el país será evaluado en abril
    En abril próximo será revisado el Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC) entre Taiwán, El Salvador y Honduras, según informó ayer Carlos Cheng, ministro consejero económico de la embajada de la República de China (Taiwán).
  • 7-Jan-2015 Taipei Times India delays economic cooperation deal talks
    The Indian government has turned down Taiwan’s request to take a further step in advancing an economic cooperation agreement for the time being as it focuses on joining the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, the Ministry of Economic Affairs said yesterday.
  • 27-Nov-2014 The China Post More dialogue, fewer fear tactics needed in discussion of FTAs
    The government of Taiwan must do a better job to convince the public, instead of relying on “scare tactics,” merely pointing to the hazards that Taiwan will face without FTAs.
  • 24-Nov-2014 The Age Sunflower power stalls Taiwan trade deal
    Taiwan’s services trade deal with China sits blocked in Taipei parliament until the government can meet the demands of the Sunflower protest movement.
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