The Commission’s proposals to correct EU-Morocco relations and the EU’s obligation not to recognise as lawful the ‘illegal situation’ in Western Sahara

14-jui-2018EJIL : Talk ! The proposals violate the EU and its Member States’ obligation of non-recognition of Morocco’s breaches : the right to self-determination of people, the prohibition on aggression, and some of the ‘intransgressible rules’ of international humanitarian law.

Enjeux majeurs

The separation of migrant families : cruelty as a migration policy

12-jui-2018 AlainetIn an accentuated anti-immigrant context of clear criminalization of Central Americans and Mexicans without migratory documents in their attempt to enter the US, measures on the separation of thousands of families (most of them from Central America) are the new face of the racist nationalism of the American government and its current president.

Textes des accords

1er-jui-2018  | EU-ACP post-Cotonou agreement : Negotiating mandate (May 2018) As released by the ACP Secretariat
22-mai-2018  | EU-Australia FTA : Negotiating directives (May 2018) As released by the European Council
22-mai-2018  | EU-New Zealand FTA : Negotiating directives (May 2018) As released by the European Council


15-jui-2018  RCEP trade round : Singapore host privileges business over people’s rights
Ashwin Thapa: Strange ,its disgusting,in our issue and in our Deserving Rights,for what the Businessman making the Business,its quite clear of Businessman
27-jui-2018  The need to rethink free trade agreements
Karnan T S: This article is a bit heavy on rhetoric itself. In India, groups have been complaining about cheap imports of synthetic rubber from Sri Lanka /
5-jui-2018  Can RCEP negotiations be concluded by end-2018 ?
chin sokvin: i need of my academic research