El CETA entra en vigor pese a los graves riesgos para la ciudadanía

20-sep-2017Ecologistas en Acción El 21 de septiembre se aplicará de manera provisional la mayor parte del acuerdo comercial y de inversiones entre la Unión Europea y Canadá (CETA). Esto sucede antes de haber sido ratificado por todos los parlamentos nacionales europeos.

Enjeux majeurs

EU court adviser says arbitration clause in investment treaty is legal

19-sep-2017 ReutersAn arbitration clause in an investment treaty between the Netherlands and Slovakia does not violate EU law, an adviser to the EU’s top court said.

Textes des accords

14-sep-2017  | EU-Japan FTA - EU negotiating mandate (Nov 2012) As released by the European Council
21-jui-2017  | EU-Mexico FTA - EU text proposals (July 2017) All texts as available as of 18 July 2017
14-jui-2017  | EU-Japan FTA - draft chapters (July 2017) 19 draft chapters, as released by the European Commission
28-jui-2017  | EU-Japan - mandate (Jul 2012) As leaked by Greenpeace (in German)


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